Welcome – We Are Looking For Writers

Welcome – We Are Looking For Writers

Hello and an official welcome to our new site.

We feel it is important to engage with supporters of All Scottish clubs as we fight for the future of our game.

To this end we are issuing an open invitation to fans who would like to write articles on the site. Articles will not be limited to the current on going turmoil within the game, we want supporters to also write about issues facing their own clubs.

If you would like to write on this site please fill out the form below. We would like to get a mixture of fans writing on behalf of a fan site and individuals who would like to contribute their thoughts.

We hope through doing this that we can bring fans a good understanding of what is going on in our game in general.

This site in in it’s infancy, we would like to see it grow in such a way that everyone feels involved and we can provide honest opinion and truth.

NB. We would ask you to register for the site. This will not only increase security but will also allow you to comment on our articles.



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