We Would Like Fans Feedback

We Would Like Fans Feedback

Thanks to everyone who has followed the twitter account and left comments on the site.

Fortunately we have a few weeks before the start of the new season (cup games aside). So that gives us a bit of time to organise.

At this point we would like to ask our fellow Scottish football fans to give us their input and feedback.

We need a common approach and an indication of how you would like to see the campaign proceed.

We all went through enough in 2012 to realise that if we want a clean game we can’t rely on the administrators of the game. We have to unite and support each other or our game will be lost to us and future generations.

Please use our site contact form. All feedback is welcome.

We’ll be back on Monday. Have a good weekend especially if your going to a match.

23 thoughts on “We Would Like Fans Feedback

  1. Great opportunity to change Scottish football for the better. Need to look at walk out or walk in’s for all tv matches. Fans can not sit back and let the SFA / SPFL doing nothing about the ebt years.

    Don’t think we should hurt our own clubs so walk in or out for tv matches at a agreed time also think a boycott of rangers games, clubs should refuse ticker allocation or supporters don’t buy them.

    1. It’s not about punishing other clubs, but getting them to do something, they don’t normally do ANYTHING unless they ARE losing out financially. This is NOT about Celtic v Sevco, it’s about our game doing the right thing, it’s about making sure any club thinking again before they try to cheat. Who cares if RFC1872 are dead? They gained history by theft and deceit, this has to be sorted and done properly.

  2. My overall all belief is to boycott all cup game and possibly turn our back on games in the fourteenth for 14 minutes until justice is served also mass demo to hampden

  3. That’s what I’d like to see – coordinated action in the 14th minute of every game by fans of all clubs until action is taken.

    Really ramp it up for TV games and games against the hun.

    I’m finished with Scotland at hampden and won’t be attending Scottish cup either. I refuse to put cash in either the SFA or the despicable Regans pockets. Possibly also boycott league cup depending on SPFL decision on action to take. It’s up to us to act folks.

  4. Boycotting games will never work. There will always be someone who couldn’t care less about this who will take the tickets.
    The main part of this has to come directly and officially from our clubs. I don’t know if this would have any impact but if enough of us get together and at the same time call sponsors like William Hill and Ladbrokes and tell them we are boycotting them until something is done. The most obvious 1 for fans is a visible protest at Hampden (Especially at the upcoming Scotland games)

  5. Think about the great characters ,supporters,players , coaches,managers at all the clubs who were denied their day in the sun by the rampant corruption in the Scottish game.Many of whom lost out and died without knowing the fix was in.
    Real people who were denied a fair shake!
    Any club who refuses to endorse a new enquiry at a minimum should be boycotted by all right minded fans,cup and league.
    Your money is the oxygen that sustains this corruption……

  6. Agree regarding taking the fight to the front steps of Hampden with hopefully every club in Scotland represented

  7. I have no real suggestions on how to achieve this, which is why I’m glad there are people here who are switched on and have the contacts to get this going. One thing is for sure, this needs to be kept in the public eye, whether it be demonstrations at games or whatever. Ideally, given the scale of the financial fraud it would be investigated by an independent government inquiry.
    The SFA can not be allowed to just ignore this court ruling and let Sevco claim titles won by the previous club while cheating and conning every single football fan in Scotland who paid money to support their team, thinking they were financing a challenge on a fair playing field. It is fraud, pure and simple; perpetrated by Rangers (IL), condoned and covered up by a body supposed to act for the betterment of ALL football in Scotland.

  8. The idea of 14th-minute coordinated action is a great way to involve the wider fan base. How about a red card protest? It’s cheap, easy to organise and distribute outside grounds, doesn’t impact on anyone who doesn’t want to participate, is impossible for clubs to prevent, has good visual impact and can be reused week after week while the message is driven home. I still laugh when I think about the ‘welcome’ Thatcher got at the 1988 SC Final.

  9. Goin to need ALL clubs to rise up, this is cheating at the highest level in Scottish Football. How is anybody going to take Scottish football as an organization if this goes unpunished??

  10. In any other sport, there would be no need for this. The ruling body body would simply apply the the proscribed
    sanction ie titles removed and awarded to the correct winners. why is scottish football differant.

  11. The fans hold the power on this one. Without the fans standing together nothing will be achieved.

    It was supporter power that prevented the current Rangers incarnation direct entry into the top flight. The fact that the question was even asked is appalling.

    Can you imagine that happening down south? I doubt it.

    Change is required. You have my support.

  12. I feel we need to quickly establish exactly what we’re asking for. Voided, asterisked, redistributed.
    I don’t think there is any chance of and don’t think most people want redistribution so think that should be off the table 1st.
    If we agree on a single target to put all our effort and argument into it sounds more like the movement we want instead of just lots of different moaning fans.

  13. Why would anyone who knows the way of the scottish game be surprised that the SFA etc do not want to do anything regarding the cheating by Rangers fc, cheating in many forms has been going on for years before the EBT scandal concerning rangers.

  14. Not sure who suggested it but I think the 14th minute red card protest could work, everyone could get a red card/ a4 red paper easily so no real expense in organizing it, could really take off on facebook twitter etc for getting the message out there…would love to see that happen along with a chorus of BOOOOOOss for the full minute ……Im an oldie could some of the younger ones get something on facebook etc ??

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