TW3 –Jekyll and Hyde, Star Wars: At Last Bed Eye(s)


The Celtic fans are so lacking in any concern with the domestic scene and their teams surgical dismantling of the opposition that they have taken to disagreeing over their capability on the European stage.

For me it’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Qualifying for Champions League was excellent
  2. Progressing to the Europa League is fantastic
  3. Getting yer arse handed tae ye in at least half of your group games, is neither excellent nor fantastic.
  4. Conceding 20 goals over 6 games is terrible
  5. Saying its reality is just as bad; who accepts that level is their reality!

Most fans agree on this (sort of) but it’s the reaction to criticism of the manager of the team that inspires the title above. I don’t think there is any Celtic (or football) fan out there that would criticise the team or the manager for the outstanding domestic achievements and champions league qualifications. Let’s not pretend here though, big chunks of the European adventures have been awful.

The fundamental disagreement seems to be between those who criticise Brendan and those who don’t. Some of those who don’t, seem to think that criticism of Brendan is illegal instead of a healthy way to acknowledge that he can do better.

Some of the vitriol I’ve read between fans this week is worrying. Everyone can handle a bit of stick but smashing your keyboard as if you wish you were throwing right and left hooks isn’t the way. If you wouldn’t say it to a stranger in the street then don’t type it to them on t’internet.

And yes Brendan makes mistakes, he also talks some pish btw, so do I, but I’m happy he is my team’s manager just the same.

I’ll be even happier if he can find a way to make us more reliable in Europe especially against the other also-rans like Anderlecht.


In a galaxy far far removed from reality,

The Burst Order has returned from a successful sortie to the sheep world of Don, home to the fair maiden; Princess Deia.

Troubled by the inability of her forces to repel the advances of the Burst Order, in two recent battles, the Princess has gone into hiding.

There is a suspicion that her MURTification may have fatally damaged her.

The Grand Asset Stripper Loyal (GASL) Darth Squinteye, head of the Burst Order, has sent forth his emissaries from his home planet of Alsoran.

Their mission is to flush out the Princess, with stories of how powerful and wealthy he is, in order for Darth Squinteye to at last woo her with his come to bed eyes / eye; depending where she may be standing when he looks in her direction.

So far the GASL has been thwarted by the machinations of the sheep Lord, Milne the Meek, and his use of the powerful contract clause known only as ‘cash before sash’

Meanwhile, the forces of the greenians continue to rout all before them as they clinched the mystical 67 in this the 50th year of 67; rendering the Alsorans and Dons feud irrelevant.

There are other battles in this galaxy but the Supreme Promoter (of) Feuds & Lunacy (SPFL) isn’t really interested in these as they wait to see if Princess Deia will arrive for her next scheduled feud on the planet of Dentooine…

Things that didn’t happen this week

Derek McInnes didn’t leave Aberdeen to join Rangers (the new one) although he was instrumental in getting them their best result of the season so far.

The SFA Compliance officer never ruled on 2011 / 12 UEFA licence for Rangers (the deid club)

SFA didn’t review their procedures and announce any rules in order to pretend they had made the correct decision all along.

Neither the SFA nor the SPFL announced how they will safeguard our game and create a culture of responsible sustainable ownership and transparent governance.

The last one is the only one that shocked me, I was sure there was going to be a big corporate governance announcement before I wrote this up.

Except for taking references to Motherwell out of the above there are no changes, a bit like my weekly to do list at work.

I know it’s not out until next weekend but I can confirm that I am really looking forward to Star Wars. Unfortunately I’ll be ‘off the radar’ next week, maybe longer. Family time coming up in the ‘Dear Green Place.’

TinTinQuinntheKaraokeKing (TTQtKK)



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