To be fair it’s not just Ann Budge.

To be fair it’s not just Ann Budge.

This morning we put out the following tweet.


Then followed it up with this


This was in no way an attempt to have a go at her, just as we said we did think she would have said something by now. Unfortunately we have seen some blogs or people having a go as if she’s involved in some kind of conspiracy. This is the type of stuff we must ignore and take no part in if we want fans voices to be heard.

There is no room for division.

We understand that there is no quick fix to the structural and administrative problems which currently plague Our game. We will have to be patient.

We are sure that there is no conspiracy of silence being played out by the clubs. We accept that prominent club officials could be on holiday, and we also accept that clubs may wish to have discussions prior to a joint and meaningful statement being released.

However, we don’t think that it is too much for concerned supporters to expect their club to release a interim statement to fans, even if it is just to assure them that the situation is being discussed and they are listening to the fans.

This would then give supporters confidence and the clubs some breathing space to reach their early conclusions.

So far only Celtic have spoken out and we expect to hear more from them in the near future in regards of their own resolution 12. We hope that other clubs will soon communicate their situation to supporters

Thank you

#StandTogether #StripTheTitles


4 thoughts on “To be fair it’s not just Ann Budge.

  1. Its astounding that no other club has responded even more so the ones who have been stuck at the bottom of the pile for years ie Albion Rovers now there’s a team who have struggled financially for decades, 2 weeks away from going down the tubes if not for the game against Celtic last season it would be curtains oh and no parachute into a league under same mask that others have.. Point being these lower league clubs have a voice where are they??? Something to hide or maybe just scarred of blow in the wind statements of legal action from king??

  2. You are right to exercise caution and understanding and to encourage reflection on the part of other clubs.

    This goes to the heart of the professional game in this country and whether it’s worth having one.

    If the worst does in fact come to the worst then Celtic may need to go it alone..

    And if so it should

  3. Of all our clubs, the ones I am most surprised at hearing nothing from – even more so than Celtic – is Dunfermline Athletic, Brechin City and Livingston. All three of those clubs faced severe penalties from our governing bodies for rule breaches that were either administrative in nature, minor, and in the case of Livingston, disclosed and confessed by the club themselves.

  4. I hope the deafening silence is only down to Holidays!
    Cheats cannot be seen to have benifited from their underhand deals….start the stripping now!

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