Time To Unite Around One Banner

Time To Unite Around One Banner

On Wednesday what we all suspected would happen, happened. Although we fans knew it was coming it did not lower the frustration we feel. The clubs via the SPFL decided to brush the biggest sporting scandal to hit UK sport under the carpet.

The days of fans being taken for mugs ends now !

It is time for all groups of supporters and individuals to rally around one organisation. After many meetings and conversations with fan groups we have decided that there is only one viable long-term option.

The Scottish Football Supporters Association have the organisation and resources to bring real change to every level of our game.

The SFSA are an independent fans organisation. They already represent over 68,000 Scottish football supporters who have joined. Many of the members are players, managers (current and former), and even referees.

They have a strong board in place and have access to legal professionals along with experts on greater fan involvement from across Europe. We have had extensive talks with their representatives and are wholeheartedly convinced that they not only share our goals but are ultimately the best body to bring about lasting and positive change to how our game is governed and evolves in the future.

The SFSA have a wide manifesto, they are not a single issue group like Strip The Titles. What happened during the Dos/EBT years must be addressed and fans must be satisfied and confident that it can’t be repeated. However we believe the best way to address that issue is by tackling the most important governance issues first.

On Monday we held a meeting to plan the way forward for Strip The Titles. We have a company on stand by to print large and small banners. We also have plans in place to have 100,000 leaflets printed at short notice and decided to open a discussion forum to allow debate and take instructions from our members on various types of action.

We are confident that we can get these titles stripped by the end of this season. The main problem for us was that when the titles were stripped from RCF(IL) the same people would still be in charge of the SFA, SPFL, and the clubs. That is not good enough therefore we have come to the following decision.

“Strip The Titles” campaign will be mothballed after today but can be restarted with current plans ready to be put into action if the need arises. At present we don’t anticipate having to restart.

We thank all of you for your support. In three weeks we have shown that fans from all clubs are ready and willing to work together for the common good. This should be celebrated, we were never a ‘mob’ or ‘online fundamentalists’, we are honest supporters who want our game back.

We ask three things from you all:

  1. That you all follow and engage with @scottishfsa on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. If you have not already done so please join SFSA .
  3. Please take time to fill in the survey.

We appreciate that some of you will be disappointed but unity at this time will be better for our game in the long run and that is the most important thing. Look out for your chance to fund a Judicial Review coming shortly.

Thank you all, together we can do this.

18 thoughts on “Time To Unite Around One Banner

  1. Well said. Had already done the 3 things you suggest.
    Agree with your decision as I think it’s important that no-one (the usual suspects) is able to claim, unfairly, that you or your supporters are prejudiced/biased/ represent one club’s interest, blah, blah, blah.

  2. Former players, managers and referees. Mmmmm. I smell a fifth column. Most of these people have consistently supported the establishment approach, view and message…. I’d be very sceptical….

  3. yer no getting oor titles so shut the fuck up whinging. we won them fair and square. STILL THE WORLD’S MOST SUCCESSFULL FOOTBALL CLUB. THE ENVY IS RIPPING OOT YOU PMSL. W A T P..

  4. I love cheating Celtic and getting away with it hahahaha.

    The only thing better than beating them is cheating them, long live EBTs & Hugh Dallas.

    The establishment are back title #55 this season.

  5. I don’t understand why you have come to a shuddering halt. Strip the titles, then move onto the “same people” and take them on. Strange.

  6. The SFSA appear to be posting that they are about looking forward and not back, yet your message above is that you think titles will be stripped by the end of his season. As others have said, there’s no looking forward until we’ve looked back and stripped the titles. Can you reassure everyone that the SFSA are on that same page ? If not I expect they are doomed.

    1. Everyone is on the same page. As we said we could have titles stripped within a year but we’d still be left with the same clowns running the circus. We have to be honest, there is no quick fix to the mess our game is in. Only one thing is clear and that is a need for unity.

  7. Has the SPFL and SFA infiltrated you? Seems StripTheTitles is now wanting to move along, nothing to see hear

  8. That’s how it sounds to me!

    The clubs are all putting fingers in ears and saying ‘ a na na na’ on this!

    Change the leaders and your just get more of the same.

    Get the titles stripped and you will create such an ‘upset in the force’ that the men in power will tumble anyway.. And different (and I mean men and women with different ethics) will come to the fore. In addition… the worldwide media attention it would achieve would only move our game on.

    Mothballing = delaying = “wait until it’s all gone quiet”

    It’s playing right into the hands of oldco, Newco , SFA, SPFL and the smsm..

    Ah well ! Somebody else with balls will take up the cause.

    Very disappointed.

    1. We have gave all our followers viable alternatives.Two groups who are extremely well organised. We have repeated that advice today.
      There is nothing to stop you starting your own personal campaign, you don’t have to wait for a crowd to follow. However is it not better to join forces with established and credible groups ?

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