The “Silent Majority” Break Their Silence.

The “Silent Majority” Break Their Silence.

As the high Level spin increases the fabled “silent majority” has been invoked by Mr Ewan Murray  of the Guardian. In his view as newly appointed spokesperson for the before mentioned group, it’s time to forget about cheating and maladministration in Scottish football. No more coal raking is required.

Yes, the silent majority have spoken, so kindly pay up and shut up. Scottish football is as clean as a whistle and the SFA are doing a grand job. So I guess we should just shut the site down and ‘move on’. Mr Murray, that’s not going to happen.

The truth is that the ‘Silent Majority’ argument is only used when dodgy people want you to shut up and stop asking real questions. It is usually employed by corrupt politicians and corporations who are desperately trying to cover stuff up. Pet Journalists are usually rolled out to get people ‘on message’. Again Mr Murray that’s not going to happen.

Most fans accept that in many ways the SPFL are as culpable as the SFA in this omni-shambles.  That is why we will not allow pet journalists to turn this into Celtic v SFA, Celtic v Sevco or even Celtic v SPFL.

This is a fight between football supporters and the governing bodies of Scottish football.

And that’s the way it’s going to stay, whether Mr Murray & co like it or not.




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  1. Thank f**k for Celtic! We lost heavily tonight to a team that has spent £424M on 3 forwards, that kind of spending kinda ruins the sport.
    FFP (financial fair play) has never been more important.

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