The Death of Murty Mania

The Death of Murty Mania

By Hugobaws 21/11/2017

The SFA spokesperson was quite unequivocal about the outpouring of banter on the terraces at Ibrox. “I’m afraid we have no alternative but to ban the song; it contains no references to Popes or Fenian blood and therefore has no place in Scottish Football”. The song, “Let’s all Do the Murty” is characterised by jubilant TRFC fans inverting themselves on their seats in the stands to imitate the Manager’s famous upside-down celebration. It was fun while it lasted.

“There’s no place for in Scottish Football for fun and banter, we need more traditional sectarian songs to not arrest people for” said the SFA man.

Of course, Graeme Murty’s time in the hot seat at Ibrox was an easy option for a RIFC/TRFC Board, fast running out of rocks and hard places to be between. Had Murty reached the fabled “three in a row” and allowed the wagon to roll on towards the AGM and the Aberdeen back to back games the fans would have given him some space. But it wasn’t to be, and the knives are out for King and the Board.

The protective bubble provided by Level 5 is burst. The Mainstream Media’s blatant agenda driven tapping up of Derek McInnes has not worked; the club has no money, no managerial shortlist and no plan. McInnes was never an option, with a £1m compensation package getting in the way, but the MSM never let the truth get in the way of a L5 story. Their shameless pursuit of the Aberdeen Manager of course is more about unsettling him ahead of the two games coming up, in an effort to de-stabilise the club and help the Sevco pursuit of second place.

Meanwhile, the manufactured list of managerial candidates has evaporated; a lengthy list of names with no connection to the club competed for newspaper space with others with a history. Premiership Managers Coleman, Pardew and Allardyce were space fillers, while De Boer and Van Bronckhorst were never in the running, mercenaries from the EBT era. All have one thing in common, they are either too busy elsewhere or too smart to join the ‘runaway train’, heading towards the TOP buffers. But not before King pulls another ‘quasi equity’ rabbit out of the hat and devalues further everyone’s shareholding in the Club/Company at the AGM.

Desperate times demand desperate measures, and so RIFC has turned to Real Rangers Men.

The list of RRM is a short one, partly because the Scottish game has changed, and partly because their numbers are dwindling. The Murray EBT years saw an unprecedented influx of English and foreign stars who wouldn’t have touched the Scottish Leagues without an EBT so first team places were scarce for Academy players. So, who is left?

The Cardigan, Sooper Ally, Barry Ferguson, Graeme Sounoff, Neil McCann and Elbows McCulloch all qualify as RRM with managerial experience, but will either not want or get offered the job. Which leaves the Kenny Miller and Nacho Novo dream team, lol.

When you think you have run out of options someone gives you a barrel to scrape. Alex McLeish was a success at Rangers (IL)* and won titles (final day/single digit points/goal differences) he later admitted he couldn’t have without financial doping and EBT’s. Eck has a lot of experience and has been on the managerial rollercoaster. Judging by his recent performances as a ‘pundit’ on TV, he’s just stepped off it, been sick and still has wobbly legs. He ended his previous managerial career in 2016 where he was sacked by Egyptian giants*/minnows* (*delete as appropriate) Zamalek.

Although Eck is a RRM, he isn’t stupid enough to ignore the carnage around him, the divisions at every level within the Club/Company and of course the perilous state of the Ayebroke Accounts. The thought of him managing a dressing room full of Spanish speaking underperforming Pedro signings, is likely to send shivers down the spine of absolutely no one.

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