Unable to make my now seemingly regular Friday contribution, due to some course work commitment, this won’t be quite TW3 but more TWTNOTDTW – that was the 9 or 10 days that was.
I have to be honest a few years back I got pretty fed up with the whole professional football thing. I couldn’t see for the life of me why it was, and still is acceptable, to pay these guys what they get. There are players earning £1,000+ / week, in Scotland, practicing or playing football 6 days a week and can only shoot with one foot!
I stopped watching as much as I could, especially EPL & La Liga, what these one footed wonders get paid is sickening. I never watched the French first division so I couldn’t legitimately add them to my completely ineffectual and often unobserved boycott; as PSG evolved in to exactly the type of target I love to hate. I still happily direct my football based puritanical rants and misinformed judgements at them and all the other overpaid prima donnas; as anyone who stands still long enough near me can testify.
More recently, since I started these blogs, I have been showing at bit more interest but keeping mostly to the Scottish game. There as bit of doom and gloom in there but mostly there is quite a bit to keep the average punter interested and no shortage of absolute bullshit media coverage to mock.
In case some of you are too busy, god knows I should be, here below is my summary of what did and didn’t happen in Scottish football last week(ish).
Things that happened
Starting with last week’s league fixtures:
In the hysteria that followed there was some uncertainty as to just what Hamilton achieved with their 2-0 victory in Glasgow. Initially reported as Hamilton’s first victory against Rangers since 1926 and amended to first victory at Ibrox since 1926. It was then further amended to Hamilton’s first victory at Ibrox in the league since 1926; after a complaint from a Messrs. Sprott & Souness.
For sake of accuracy it was the first victory for Hamilton FC at Ibrox Stadium against the new team that has been playing there since 2012. This new club (RIFC or TRFC, I don’t really care) were formed after the previous club’s (Rangers 1872) assets were sold off as they lurched towards liquidation.
Celtic continued their record run – no, not for number of highest defeats suffered in Europe home and away. This reference is to the hard fought 1-0 victory against a dogged Ross County team that were only undone by Leigh Griffith’s genius free kick. That means Celtic has now gone 64 domestic games without defeat. Anyone that says this invincible run is anything short of amazing is just an attention seeking moron with no concept of what it takes to set such consistent standards in sport. Thankfully there are no such types in the Scottish Meeja! Celtic will look to keep this absolutely amazing achievement going as they look to win their 4th domestic trophy in a row today.
Speaking of which Motherwell and in particular Louis Moult sent a message with their demolition of the not so Dandy Dons last week. There is no truth to the rumour that Aberdeen are thinking of moving stadium because of this and the defeat from Celtic. We’re reliably informed it’s for a whole other reason and American investor ‘Tom Crotty’ believes this too, to the tune of $1,000,000 (£750,000). That seems remarkably like the figure that is required to release Derek McInnes. If Crotty unveils himself as Dave King next week, I know what this blog will be about!
Moving on…
Rangers (den nya klubben) dispatched their favourite Swedish emissary to claim credit for Celtic’s invincible run. Mikael Lustig was quoted in one media outlet as saying (I might be paraphrasing here):
‘Since Rangers return, as they are not a new club anymore, Celtic, who might be a new club, are spending more money on better players. So even though everyone is congratulating Celtic or more usually mocking Scottish football, it was Rangers (you know the same club that was formed in 1872) who made Celtic so good…but Celtic are still ruining Scottish football.’
My favourite thing that happened this week though was when Queen’s Park’s website posted a statement saying to Stewart Regan ‘I smell shiiiite’; again I may not be remembering the exact quote here but I think I have the gist of it about right. Happily Mr. Regan has cleared it all up and everyone is able to read the full substantiation for his statements regarding the need for the SFA to leave Hampden at the following link for what I’m sure is not his personal website:
Finally something less serious was afoot when Brendan Rogers did his best impression of Mark Warburton. After Celtic’s defeat in Paris Mr. Rodgers was apparently sending up Mr. Hat’s (Not that one South Park fans) line in gap gags when he said there were ‘lots of good moments’ for his team in the 7-1 defeat to PSG. This is not entirely unlike the magic hat’s ‘the gap is a lot narrower than people think’ type gags after last year’s league cup semi-final defeat followed the earlier 5-1 hammering at Celtic Park. Although Mr Hat did have the lower score line to hide behind on that occasion so maybe he was being serious and Brendan doesn’t realise.
Things that didn’t happen this week
Peter Lawwell did not confirm that Celtic arranged this Thanksgiving lark in order to adequately acknowledge Aberdeen and Hibernian’s determined efforts to hand Celtic their 7th league title in a row before Christmas. Apparently thanksgiving is something that American’s now celebrate every year since they found out Donald Trump would be the new CEO of America Inc.
Derek McInnes didn’t leave Aberdeen to join rangers (the new one) although that hasn’t stopped the SMSM ‘any minute now narrative’.
The SFA Compliance officer never ruled on 2011 / 12 UEFA licence for Rangers (the old club)
SFA didn’t review their procedures and announce any rule changes in order to pretend they had made the correct decision all along. Which was nice.
Celtic didn’t play Motherwell. That’s about to change in the next 7 days!
To finish I have to admit that I am going to sneak away early from work today for the cup final. I will always want to see my team play in cup finals and big matches but I am making a special effort today. I feel certain that the tribute to Phil O’Donnell will show how much he was loved by the supporters of both teams. RIP Phil.


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