Happy New Year to anyone reading and up you to all those who aren’t (they’ll never know). 🙂
Now that my family have tired of my inane wittering, exacerbated by too much alcohol, it is time to get back to putting my thoughts out there in my painful prose for your delectation.
It is certainly a good week to get back in to it as there is no shortage of talking points in the football world.
Dundee United’s Championship titles hopes took a swift kick in the no-no box fae the Bairns, on the day of the Epiphany. I think the Arabs suddenly understand that getting humped by the only team that Brechin City think they can catch up to is not going to be making the Buddies nervous. St Mirren’s 6 point gap at the top, albeit they have played one game more, is no doubt more pleasing than the £300K they have bagged for Lewis Morgan.
The league one title battle looks to be going the way of the team from Raith 😉 with Rovers on great form, a point ahead and with two games in hand. Ayr United’s 3 losses in their last four games may be the first nail in their title challenge’s coffin!
Peterhead are fast closing the gap on Montrose as the aim to take their place at the top of the league two table. The Blue Toon’s 6-2 win at the home of the league leading Gable Enders looks to be proving a great foundation to build their challenge from.
Speaking of Blue…
…I just remembered. It seems our favourite basket case of a football club are heading in to the Abyss for their winter break. And I thought they were only going to Florida.
All joking aside the new club is apparently facing an insolvency event less than 6 years after their formation. The coverage is, as always, more incisive if it does not come from the Scottish media lackeys, the blogs are awash with the subject and the growing impression is that this will be only a matter of time.
The people in charge over at Ibrox are almost to a man the same people that were in place when the previous football cub went under. That to me is deceitful, shameful and none of my business.

I don’t support either of the two Ibrox clubs. So why should I care, right?
But football governance in Scotland is every fan’s business and the SFA are just not fit for purpose. This is purely down to how the game is run.

What is it exactly the SFA do?

And why are they so crap at it?

But ultimately we need to know who is responsible for making sure our game is run for the benefit of the fans.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?  Who guards the guards?

We should all be asking those questions and the leaders should be the fans of Rangers!
They should be the loudest voices as this is now the second time that the club they support has been run by a pack of asset stripping cash hoarding wolves. How does a club that can generate about £15 -20 million in season ticket revenue end up careering in to the fans worst nightmares when there is supposed to be a governing body ensuring that the clubs are run properly and transparently.
This is not a Celtic thing.
It is not a conspiracy against Rangers.

It is a crime of governance perpetrated by the same people, and we are letting them!

So a new song for all Scottish football fans:
ES EF AY OUT! ES EF AY OUT! ES EF AY OUT! – See I told you I was the Karaoke King.
Not the most imaginative, this is true, but if you don’t want to sing the song at least stop going to games and lining the blazer’s pockets. We can’t go on accepting this.

Rangers may be the team hanging off a cliff by their fingernails, and I don’t really care what happens to them but I cannot fathom why we continue to let the game be run by the SFA. It’s a joke organisation and has been since as long as I can remember. It may not be illegal what they do in Mount Florida but it is a crime!
‘STRIP THE TITLES’ from the office bearers at Hampden.
It might not save the multi monikered team from Govan but it might give the rest of our clubs and the next Ibrox team a chance.


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