#StripTheTitles Campaign Update

#StripTheTitles Campaign Update

Today we held several meetings. We discussed all your suggestions and feedback to try to ascertain the best and most effective way forward to achieve or goal of challenging the present woeful governance of our game, of which Stripping all titles won by Rangers Fc in liquidation while fielding improperly registered players  and executing the Dos/EBT tax dodge. Tomorrow we plan to have talks with other fans groups to make sure we are all on the one page.

Originally we planned to release an article on the way forward on Wednesday. However we will wait until the SPFL board release their fluffed decision on the EBT years on Wednesday.

We will hold further discussions with our partners on Wednesday night before releasing a statement on Thursday.

Take today’s announcement from the SPFL board with a pinch of salt. This time around it will be the fans who decide the final outcome. Cheating and tax dodging must be addressed and punished before anyone can ‘move on’.

Thanks for your patience.


10 thoughts on “#StripTheTitles Campaign Update

  1. Absolutely behind you guys. This is one fight we must win if Scottish football is to survive in any meaningful state

  2. Please keep up the good work, personally I can’t move on until titles are stripped and same club myth is put to the sword.
    Hail! Hail!

  3. Tried to sign the “strip the titles” petition. Wouldn’t accept my Canadian postal code 😡

  4. I think strip the titles should start the crowdfunding now and get ready to take this rotten mob to task. My cash is waiting like 1000s more.

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