In 2012 No To Newco with help from some inside football prevented Sevco Scotland from being parachuted into the SPL and the SFL division 1. It was fan power that drove the authorities to have the newco start in division3. We need that fan power again.

We call on Scottish football fans to unite and demand that the SPFL and SFA strip
Rangers FC (IL) of 14 cups and league titles won whilst using Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) to gain a financial advantage over other clubs.

This allowed RFC to have players that otherwise could not have afforded, as admitted by Sir David Murray in the recent trial of Craig Whyte.
For over a decade they used the EBT scheme to avoid paying tax. The UK Supreme Court has now found in HMRC’s favour.

It has now been proven that Rangers used a tax scam to hire better players. All other clubs lost out because they played by the rules. As part of the scheme secret side letters were hidden from the SFA and SPL.
This is cheating.

Their tainted titles must be taken from them because cheats should never go unpunished.

Scottish football clubs and supporters must have confidence in our game.

Strip the titles!

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  1. We should also look at a clear out within the hierarchy offices within Hampden, their silence has been deafening with regards not only this matter… but other matters relating to pitch invasions , coin throwing, use of unregistered / untrained stewards , safety certificates etc…..our game is corrupt to the core

  2. The clubs that lost out on trophies and league titles during this period have been financially robbed. All those clubs and supporters should claim back what is rightfully theirs. Cheating at this level is robbery and theft. Let it be known to the footballing authorities in Scotland that their trust is on the line if they don’t take action against such dishonest footballing crimes being allowed to go unpunished.

  3. Strip the titles of these cheats like other sports their is an automatic stripping of medals titles ect

  4. The SFA are responsible for player regstrations . In order for player registrations to be proper, full details of each player’s renumeration have to be provided. Rangers did not provide the full details of the above. The players who received either the Discount Option Scheme or EBT payments , were improperly registered.

    The SFA have not followed their own rules with regard to player registration.

      1. Why, when they have already been proven, and accepted to be, illegal, which is precisely why they were deliberately omitted from the scope of the NS commission/1

    1. There are already a few petitions floating around Jerry. We think at this time writing to the clubs is more effective but we’ll keep a petition under consideration.

  5. Why just the EBT years?
    They were illegally paying players from 1999 onwards via Discounted Options for Shares (Wee Tax Case)
    All of those trophies where a DOS recipient played should be stripped too

      1. Just to add that there is evidence of fraud/dishonesty in which the SFA played a part in 2011 when a UEFA licence was issued to RFC.
        It’s all grist to the same mill of a national association struggling to keep a dishonest club afloat and becoming dishonest in doing so.

  6. Strip them of everything they gained by cheating.
    I grew up in the hard 90’s watching them buy extortionate player after player and wondered why, now we all know.
    In all other sports the cheats are stripped and the person who should have won is given the medal, the same should happen here!!

  7. This is the biggest scandal to hit British football since inception. If we’re insipid in our approach it will be swept under the carpet and eventually diminish in the minds of others. We must go full tilt at these people and aggressively take the battle to their doorstep. This could mean using tactics such as assembling fans from every club in Scotland (and they would join us) to storm the offices of Hampden in a mass protest. The impact on such an event would be cataclysmic for Regan/Doncaster et al, and tv footage of such an event, with the footballing world watching, would bring them to their knees. This, of course, would be the route I believe we should take if the clubs’ appeals fall on deaf ears. We will not disappear into the night…HH

  8. Situation not helped by the Chris Sutton’s and Paul Lambert validating cheats and talking about respect.

    This goes way back.
    Unfortunately the web spreads to other clubs and players who didn’t try or played out of their skins dependent upon their opposition and inherent allegiances to enable titles to be won illegally.

    Equally those officials who benefited and are now in positions of authority should be struck from office.

    There needs to be a comprehensive investigation of every game, player, official and result back at least until 1990.

  9. Fans demanding action should also email and/or text the big phone-in radio stations. Chat show pundits were culpable. For far too long many were afraid to speak out. They have a voice and an audience. Its time they used that voic

  10. The current club rifc do not have any spfl titles. They are a new Club going for one not fifty five. The myth that Rifc are the same club, supported by Regan and Doncaster, is more of a crime in my eyes than the tax avoidance scheme. HMRC should come out and state publicly that it was a tax evasion scheme thus adding more weight to the title stripping and same club theory being involved in a criminal act. The SFA are guilty by association.

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