SPFL Shaft Supporters On Inquiry

SPFL Shaft Supporters On Inquiry

After signalling that they wanted a review into “Rangers’ use of Employee Benefit Trusts and subsequent events at Ibrox” the SPFL have now done a U-turn leaving supporters (and Celtic FC) hanging out to dry.

 “The SPFL board is disappointed in the Scottish FA’s decision not to participate in an independent review.

“The SPFL board still believes that an independent review, promoted jointly by the Scottish FA and SPFL, would have resulted in a better understanding of the procedures and processes adopted by football’s governing bodies.

“Such a review would also have enabled any lessons learned to be implemented for the future benefit of the game in Scotland.”
“The SPFL Board has been clear that any meaningful review would have had to be carried out in association with the Scottish FA and with the full and active co-operation of both organisations.

“The SPFL Board has therefore concluded that it cannot, by itself, take forward an effective independent review.”

This is a sad yet predictable outcome. It is now clear that the only people who can clean up our game and bring a level and transparent playing field are us supporters through an independent Judicial review.

We as fans should remember first and foremost that we pay the bills and wages. Without money from fans all these people running our game would be out of a job.

It is our belief that we should now go down the road of a judicial review. If this is not possible then the next step would have to be the withdrawal of our money and support. We hope it does not come to that but if all else fails, that will be the only option left to us.


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