Rule Changes Can Be Good If we know about them.

Rule Changes Can Be Good If we know about them.

New SFA rule means players can’t be charged over gestures was the cry from the Scotsman this morning:

The Scottish Football Association has revealed it has changed the rules so no retrospective action can be taken against players and coaches for ‘gestures and actions’.

For some reason the SFA felt we had to know about this ‘NEW’ rule in the wake of a certain Sevco players actions at Firhill on Friday evening.

We are willing here at “Strip The Titles” to admit that we were ignorant of this ‘NEW’ rule. The reason being we can’t remember anyone from the SFA communicating to  the supporters that there had been a rule change in this regard.

As it turns out the rule is not new at all, rule 200 was in fact changed in season 2015/2016. We are thankful to @kennybrown131 on Twitter for this information.

We find it strange that the SFA have never spoke about this before considering that this is not the first time since 2015/16 that a player or manager has ‘upset’ rival fans.

The main issues here once again is transparency.

How can we have transparency in the game if the governing bodies do not have a robust communication policy in place ? Are supporters to be left to scour the internet to find out about rule changes retrospectively ?

That’s just not good enough.


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