Tirnaog posted another excellent article recently on the Don’t Let it Be Forgot blog – Hampden is Burning.
I always enjoy his posts as he obviously knows his history and uses his passion about Celtic and football to touch on so many subjects that are close to my heart.
In his most recent posts he gives us the story behind the withholding of the 1909 Scottish Cup as the fans of Celtic and Rangers joined forces to show their displeasure at the prospect of a second replay being planned by the SFA; as they saw this as just another way to get money from the fans.
The Chairmen at both clubs joined forces after to say they agreed with the fans that a third cup final was out of the question.
This seems a particularly timely reminder of what can be achieved if the fans are united on what they want. When I look across the blogs of all Scottish Football teams I can’t find any endorsement of our governing body.
Stewart Regan will never be part of the solution so his ‘To Do List’ is a short one:
1. F*** Off mate.
His Employers on the other hand have a bit more to do:
1. Sack Regan Now!
2. Finalise the investigation in to Rangers 2012 UEFA licence
3. Publish the full evidence and findings in a comprehensive report that leaves no doubt as to how the outcome(s) have been reached and are valid.
4. Be the loudest voice that ensures the Offensive Behaviour Bill is repealed.
5. Tell the SPFL that all clubs whose fans are breaking the law are responsible for identifying those offenders in their stadiums.
6. That they must identify and report every offender to the police or the SFA will.
7. Cancel the useless friendlies at the end of the season, if there is no manager then there is no plan except lining someone’s pockets
8. Appoint Alex Ferguson and Peter Houston
9. Tell the SPFL that the colts idea is p**h and they should be more concentrated in preventing 2 clubs hoovering up all young players.
10. Ensure theirs and clubs transparency in all information regarding the administration of the game and the clubs.
11. Investigate child abuse in our game as there have been too many incidents over the years for anyone to be foolish enough to assume this has gone away
12. Review the goals of the SFA and publish them as a standard to be achieved and upheld, to allow the fans to call out any that are not being met.
13. Confirm that Rangers died and a new club was formed 😉
Honestly I could go on and on here but instead I’ll finish on the list of members and description of the aim of the SFA Board as taken from their website
‘The Board
The main Board consists of eight members: the Scottish FA Office Bearers (Alan McRae, President; Stewart Regan, Chief Executive; and Rod Petrie, Vice President), plus Ian Maxwell (SPFL), Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Thomas McKeown (Scottish Amateur FA) and independent non-executive directors, Barrie Jackson and Gary Hughes. Ana Stewart will replace Barrie Jackson in December 2017.  (I believe Ana Stewart is already in post.)
The Board will focus on corporate strategy and top-line decision-making, with the operational Professional Game Board and Non-Professional Game Board representing their respective parts of the game. These boards were created to provide greater focus in the affairs of the Professional and Non-Professional game.’
The bold is obviously my own emphasis as I have seen no evidence of this from the SFA in my lifetime and was worried you the reader might not notice it was there in such a bland statement of function.
It is time to unite as the fans did at the 1909 cup final replay, but we don’t need to resort to violence we can just stop using their preferred bookie; money is all that matters to these people and it’s your money they want.

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