Reclaiming Our Game At Holyrood

Reclaiming Our Game At Holyrood

Yesterday we were pleased to attend the launch of the first independent evaluation of Scottish football governance held by the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) at Holyrood.

The main speakers were:

  • Simon Barrow (Chair of the SFSA)
  • Henry McLeish (Board member of the SFSA)
  • Richard Leonard MSP (member of Scottish Parliament for Central Scotland and host of event)
  • Dr Joachim Lammert (The Department of Sports Economics and Sports Management at the University of Leipzig)

We don’t want to make this article too long, so we will publish another blog on the specifics shortly. Feel free to visit SFSA website for more info
We listened to the all the speakers and must admit we were highly impressed by their plans and positive dedication to changing the game in Scotland for the good of all. We highly recommend that if you really desire change then you join the SFSA and work with them to bring about change and good governance where fans really do have a say.

Once the speakers had finished the floor was opened to anyone who wished to contribute.

On your behalf we introduced ourselves and made it clear that we were there to represent the view of over 8,400 followers. We impressed on them that many fans are angry that no club or the games administrators seem to show much interest in addressing everything surrounding both Rangers FC (IL) tax cases. We told them that supporters are ready to walk away from the game if nothing is done.

It became clear to us following comments from MSP’s and others including Henry McCleish (former pro player and First Minister) that the SFA, SPFL and your clubs have no interest in changing the current status quo which has seen Scottish football fall from grace. Whether fans want change or not they simply just want to protect themselves, privileged positions and nice salaries. Be in no doubt your clubs are strongly against major structural change within the game. Just let that sink in.

In conclusion. We are happy to carry on the fight and we would ask you all to become members of the SFSA. It’s free and believe us when we say these guys have the experience, resources and positive dedication to reclaim the game. Basically they are the ‘only show in town’ . We at “Strip The Titles” will now work with and along side the SFSA to obtain a good outcome for our game and most importantly the supporters.

Thanks, check out this video from the SFSA and please TAKE THE SURVEY

2 thoughts on “Reclaiming Our Game At Holyrood

  1. If titles and cups are not stripped from rangers by the SFA and spfl, I will be demanding ALL my season book money from those Years of cheating by a member club of the SFA, including taking g legal action . I was duped and cheated from watching my club Celtic being involved in Scottish football on a level playing field.
    I also wish that given the documented evidence that is clearly available, for the SFA to list Sevco as a new club , from 2012.
    Until such actions are taken, I will not spend another penny or minute of my time on a corrupt Scottish game.
    Those in office at the SFA and spfl have colluded with a member club rangers and sevco, to somehow keep them alive at all costs , and those responsible to be facing litigation for corruption .

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