Prove To Us ‘Your’ Game Is Clean

Prove To Us ‘Your’ Game Is Clean

After reading today’s disappointing and what appears to many Dons fans out of touch comments by Stewart Milne in the press it’s time to turn the tables.

It is now time for the SFA, SPFL and all clubs to prove to supporters that they are not running a rigged game.

Open up and show us that you are indeed running the game for the fans who pay you and not yourselves.

We had no intentions of publishing a blog today but comment on Mr Milne’s utterances can’t wait till Monday.

We ask Aberdeen fans to show their displeasure. Make sure our so-called press see and hear you. Just walk out at half time.

Once again we ask you all to join the Scottish Football Supporters Association. We have to fight as one and reclaim our game.



6 thoughts on “Prove To Us ‘Your’ Game Is Clean

  1. RFC cheated and mr murray admitted on oath they gained advantage and he’s not the only one and i cant see fans except our game is clean after 2011 wae them getting into europe plus again 2017 our game will never be clean untill we get rid of Regan Doncaster the rest out of hampden they are corrupt for one club only sevcoranjurs and thats afact..COME ON FANS DONT LET THIS GO AND MOVE ON BECAUSE IF WE DO IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE THEY DONT HIDE IT NOW SO WHAT CHANCE HAVE WE EH..STRIP THE TITLES AND MR MURRAY KNIGHTHOOD..BYE BYE RANJURS 1872-2012 –NEWCO SEVCO MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY.

  2. Milne is an absolute disgrace and should be ashamed of himself over these spineless comments. He has only underlined how detached from the fans feelings the game’s hierarchy are.
    The fans don’t just feel cheated, they KNOW they were all cheated over many years. This has been admitted in court. I’m sure if one of Milnes’ suppliers charged him £3000 for a pile of bricks instead of £2999.99 he’d be straight on the phone screaming his miserable face off……yet he expects HIS customers to accept being massively cheated. Looks like the only way to force him to act properly is to threaten his pocket. Dons fans should boycott club merchandise and match day catering etc. as a start, along with walking out with 15mins to go, then 30mins, then half time until he grows a spine.
    All other club’s fans will never accept the current situation and if the SFA, SPFL and UEFA don’t come up with the correct and proper decision, there will be no top level Scottish football in a few years.
    Old Dead Rangers killed themselves and could have killed the game if they’d got away with it. Without Hector’s intersection I’m certain Murray would have carried on with his cheating. Let’s not forget, even the Rangers fans were cheated during this period, but like the rest of us they didn’t know.
    Now they do know and it makes you wonder why they want to hold onto any ill gotten gains from that time?
    The games rulers must understand that no one outside of Ibrox will ever agree that Glasgow Rangers FC still exist, whilst they continue to argue that Sevco are RFC we will continue to argue they are not. The difference is, the law of the land is on our side and a liquidated club is out of existence no matter what anyone says.
    Milnes’ comments are more fuel to the fire, they are nonsense and I hope the Dons fans explain it to him forcefully.
    Piece by piece we must get rid of the current SFA /SPFL set up…..or there really is no point.
    Let’s start by ignoring Scotland games and SFA cup competitions. Make them get the message!

  3. I stopped going to Scotland games as a youth in 1969-70.
    ‘Fans’ wearing RFC scarves…no tops then… chanting to remove wee Jinky from Hampden and replace him with their favourite wee Willie Henderson.
    A good player but couldn’t tie Jimmy’s laces.
    Jinky played only 20 or so games for Scotland…an utter disgrace…
    Scotland was ‘their’ blue zone and we were not invited.
    No they showed their true colours during the indi referendum with their orange rabble from the six counties joining home bred anti Scots….
    The SFA/SPFL is a corrupt organisation that operated alongside their Ibrox pals.
    Surely the Scottish government must intervene. No votes to lose. The Ibrox mob are british unionists to the core!
    I’m nearly 70…using a fone smarter than me.
    Anyone with e-mail addresses to UEFA, SFA/SPFL where l can complain please reply here or mine ><
    please do so.
    This ongoing shame must be exposed along with Doncaster's 'continuity' myth.
    It is time…. Aberdeen fans will feel taken for mugs…..
    As were all of Scottish football.
    Time to act now!

  4. There is definitely something very rotten in Scottish football. At my club, Hamilton Accies, many of the players have as their agent one Barry Hughes. For the unaware, a quick google of “convicted fraudster Barry Hughes” will present a picture of someone who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near young footballers (and many of the players he represents are aged between 17 and 20). I would like to see someone like Mark Daly or Samantha Poling of BBC Scotland investigate the goings on at Hamilton Accies. A very shady operation.

  5. Remember Mr Milne saying in 2015 he would be quite happy for sevco rangers to finish second in 2016.
    What does that say about Mr Milne…sevco rangers supporter and probably one of the hand shakers.

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