Pressure Mounts On The SFA.

Pressure Mounts On The SFA.

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Yesterday the SFSA representing over 68,000 fans gave their support to the SPFL’s call for a ‘review of historical governance issues‘. Today Celtic FC have released a statement on their website calling for an independent review should be commissioned to consider the events that led to the liquidation of Rangers Oldco and the governance issues arising from those events. 

As pointed out in Celtic FC’s statement

 This is exactly the same position as adopted by the SPFL board on behalf of all Scotland’s 42 professional clubs.

On top of their statement Celtic FC have also published correspondence between themselves and the SFA. You can view the letters HERE.

We ask that you set aside some time to read the letters as they offer an insight into the shadow workings of the SFA board.

It is clear from reading the correspondence that the SFA  are taking every opportunity not to address these governance issues by hiding behind ‘senior council’, that’s expensive and tame lawyers to you and I.

Yesterday the SFA probably thought (incorrectly we must add) that they could ignore the statement from the SFSA and pass it off as just a statement from a disgruntled fan group. Today they will be feeling shell shocked.

Scotland’s most powerful club have publicly fired the opening salvo in a war which they, the SFA have brought upon themselves by failing to properly administer the game.

Reading between the lines of the Celtic FC statement we believe that it’s clear they have the backing of SPFL and the majority of it’s member clubs.  There is now nowhere for Mr Regan and the corrupt cabal he represents to hide.

We would ask as we did in a tweet earlier that supporters of ALL clubs do not allow the SMSM to turn this into a Celtic v Newco issue. This fight is about transparency and justice for all fans/clubs. If you see any ‘journos’ attempt this then challenge them.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Pressure Mounts On The SFA.

  1. Totally behind the call for an independent review. The corruption emanating from Hamden is breathtaking in its enormity and must be addressed for the good of the game here

  2. This stinks of cover up. Just like in America and Trump not declaring his taxes. It’s blatenly obvious that Regan and Co are hiding things. They don’t want us to know. And of course it relates to one club only. It is time fans come together as our apatite is getting stronger every day this continues.

  3. The Cycling authorities have stripped titles to cyclists who have cheated. The Olympic authorities have stripped medals from athletes who have cheated. The SFA require all details of a contract to be lodged. This was not done at Old Rangers. Every match they played has to be changed to a 0-3 result and thus titles stripped and reallocated. Failure to take such action implies that the SFA does not want to bring about such a result. Rules are rules and Rangers cheated for years. They have to be investigated and so to does the SFA if evidence of collusion is found.

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