Positive Result For Murrayfield Football.

Positive Result For Murrayfield Football.

Thanks  to the 757 fans who took our poll on football at Murrayfield over the past 24hrs.

55% for shows fans who took part favour a move to the Home of Rugby for major football matches.

26% no vote would seem to indicate that over all more people would be happy to move. Even if the 11% who would like more info did decide that Murrayfield was not an option that would only take those against a move to 37%.

This poll is in no way scientific but it does show that the case for Murrayfield should be seriously considered by the Authorities. Whether they do or not is another matter.

We now await to see if the SFA will canvas fan opinion.

5 thoughts on “Positive Result For Murrayfield Football.

  1. Where did this idea come from? Why are the existing arrangements not good enough? In Edinburgh and surrounding areas rugby is extremely popular whereas South West Scotland is heavily football orientated.

    1. It came from the fact that Hampden park is the worst stadium in Scotland for watching football. Also the SFA’s lease is coming to an end so it’s a good time to see if there is an alternative.

      1. And what about the effect on Queen’s Park if the SFA were to abandon Hampden? Acceptable collateral damage?

        1. A decent question but Scottish football can’t be beholding to one club. It could work in their benefit. They could sell the land off and secure the survival of our oldest club forever by playing out of lesser Hampden.

  2. Yes voters never had to get back through traffic as it is a nightmare. At least in Glasgow you have a good chance of walking and getting away. Grid lock in our capital even worse with the trams.

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