17 thoughts on “POLL : Which Team Do You Support ?

  1. As a Thistle fan I can’t really get behind this, maybe if as much noise had been made with Livingston and Grenta I would be.

    1. There was. Unfortunately not many noticed it. I would ask that you draw a line and support this. We and our partners have a long term plan to address everything that has went on over many years.

  2. As much as I agree with this and I have voted. Some of the other clubs supporters might not read this blog. I would like to see it on other social media forums. Advertising in the smsm would only fill their coffers and would they accept the ads

  3. Ranjurs cheated and it was also proved in high court in Glasgow when sir d.murray admitted he used ebt and sideletters to gain advantaged over celtic toget the best players at liebrox so if the SPL..SFA dont strip titles from they cheats in govan Scottish football will be finished no 1 will pay into a CORRUPT GAME so MR REGAN DONCASTER YOUS MUST STRIP CHEATING TITLES OUR FANS WILL BE TALKING IT TO COURT…CORRUPTION IS BAD FOR OUR GAME SO ITS TIME THE FANS OF ALL SCOTTISH CLUBS PUT MONEY TOGETHER AND TAKE THIS TO COURT WERE WE WILL GET JUSTICE NOT CORRUPTION SFA..SPL ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN SEVCO AND WE’LL PROVE THAT ASWELL REGAN DONCASTER MUST RESIGN NOW.

  4. Your poll seems to assume that EVERY Rangers fan would vote against stripping titles as there’s no option to select Rangers from the list therefore no way to vote. For the record, I support Rangers and have no problem with titles won by Rangers, or any club for that matter, cheating being wiped from the record books. I might be unique in my view among Rangers fans but I doubt it.

    1. We are sorry Stuart but unfortunately the abuse and threats we have had from your fellow supporters has been very serious. We took a joint decision not to engage. We do appreciate that there are Rangers fans like yourself who have the interest of the game at heart. Unfortunately it is hard to hear the thoughts of many Rangers supporters through the noise of abuse and threats.

  5. cheats should never be seen to profit from their cheating,everyone who ever placed a bet on one of these cheated games were done with the help of the SFA,WHY are the police not looking @ this massive betting fraud

  6. The problem is not the titles. The problem is the cheating at the SFA itself, and that our clubs support this cheating. If only Rangers had cheated then that would be a disgrace, but the cheating in both SFA and SPFL at the behest of the clubs for me has rendered the entire sport meaningless since 2012. Scottish football is no longer a sport, but an entertainment to feed the commercial interests of clubs. This corruption is so dep tilted that we now have a sport played by entities with no legal existence, and the entire concept of a club itself has been trashed.

  7. Cheating must not be allowed to prevail otherwise the game becomes a total farce. Teams cannot be allowed to live outwith their means and win while others play fair, pay their dues and end up with nothing. If that is allowed to happen most might as well call it a day. It looks once again as though it is going to fall to fan power as both the SFA and SPFL seem determined to try and sweep these activities under the carpet yet again.

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