Urban Redevelopment

Congratulations to residents of the Ibrox area.
Now that rangers have secured their finance arrangements with Close Brothers on the Edmiston House and the Albion car park I’m sure we will see the redevelopment of this run down area of the city in the near future.
Casino sounds good to me, certainly seems appropriate. 😉

p.s. something a bit longer next week, bloody work getting in the way of footy 🙂

The Man in the Mirror

When I was a kid I was partial to the odd sweetie, certainly more sweeties than my parents deemed acceptable or could afford, and to feed my habit it wasn’t unknown for me to acquire any stray cash or sweep my mum’s purse or dad’s pockets. At this time my Granda ‘Pop’ used to stay with us and as it was only a two bedroom multi storey flat, and I had two sisters, he slept in the living room. I think you know where I’m going with this. One morning Pop caught me red handed getting myself ten bob from my mum’s purse, in the kitchen.

That was a packet of pacers, a caramac and can of irn-bru back in the day; certainly seemed worth the risk to this 6/7 year old.

Suffice to say when he cleared his throat yours truly absolutely sh*t it! That second before he spoke, waiting for the storm and him rousing my parents, felt like 100 years of terror.

Pop (in a quiet, steady voice): Sit down son

The lightening thief shuffles to a corner of the couch, the ten bob bit (50p) burning as he clutches it in his hand which is filling with a volume sweat that only those that have been truly caught in the act will believe is possible. His guilty conscience at last piqued is trying to break free in liquid form from the corners of his eyes.

Pop: Everybody thinks that they are smart, or tough, or they can get away with things…

Lightening thief: (is trying to sniff the snot form of his conscience back in, whilst unsuccessfully trying to stem the tears of guilt)

Pop: …and maybe some people can get away with things; like stealing. Maybe you’re one of those people. But I’ll tell you that the Man in the Mirror knows you and knows what you’ve done and this guy will never let you forget the wrongs you can’t right. Even when no one else is looking the Man in the Mirror is always watching.

The lightening thief who’s also known to be a bit of chatterbox says nothing, only sits there shaking with guilt, fear and embarrassment. His conscience is racing out of him as snot, sweat and tears and he is certainly not going to stop studying the tears staining his white 101s anytime soon.

Pop: I’m going to get cleaned up… you can head in after me.

After he left the room I managed to calm down, went back to the kitchen and put the money back. I told my mum and dad this story years after and he never told them. When they told me that I also realised he trusted me to do the right thing which was a bit of a bonus to the man I had become.

My point is, maybe I am paraphrasing what was said above, I still remember those few minutes of my life very clearly in terms of how I felt and what the lesson was. It was a very effective way to shock a kid in to taking responsibility for his own actions and accepting the authority and guidance of those with experience. My Granda is my Jiminy Cricket, my conscience, and has been ever since that day.

What has this got to do with Scottish football?

The biggest issue facing us as a sport, and maybe even as a wider community, is that there is very little or no conscience in the upper echelons; amongst those who should govern and guide.

The SFA should be the conscience of the SPFL and the clubs and if they can’t do it, if they don’t have their Man in the Mirror or as I suspect they all just avoid mirrors; then the media should be this.

The stories relating to Alfredo Morelos this week are a perfect example; mostly it is being laughed about and used as a way to mock the rangers and the sports media in Scotland. But this thing was picked up and broadcast on sky sports national news as if it was a genuine instead of manufactured speculation to pull the wool over the eyes of supporters.

It is hard to imagine how much cranial choreography is required to avoid running in to the blatant nature of the spin and facing up to the fact that you’re keeping it going.

And it is obvious that very few can be trusted to do the right thing whether it’s running nonsense transfer stories or creating backroom agreements to, as they may believe, preserve revenue and status or as I believe to trick the paying customers.

I did a review of as many fan websites / forums / blogs as I could this week. The Celtic based ones are mostly mocking rangers fans for going along with the current and long standing lack of transparency from their club or the SFA.

The rangers forums are mostly blaming timmy for any perceived wrongs and the other clubs are aiming their anger at the perceived big two.

So it seems as fans we are unable to be the man in the mirror either; as we are looking the wrong way.

I hope that can change and we all start to reflect back the failings and wrongdoings of the game’s custodians.

TinTinQuinntheKaraokeKing (TTQtKK)


Tirnaog posted another excellent article recently on the Don’t Let it Be Forgot blog – Hampden is Burning.
I always enjoy his posts as he obviously knows his history and uses his passion about Celtic and football to touch on so many subjects that are close to my heart.
In his most recent posts he gives us the story behind the withholding of the 1909 Scottish Cup as the fans of Celtic and Rangers joined forces to show their displeasure at the prospect of a second replay being planned by the SFA; as they saw this as just another way to get money from the fans.
The Chairmen at both clubs joined forces after to say they agreed with the fans that a third cup final was out of the question.
This seems a particularly timely reminder of what can be achieved if the fans are united on what they want. When I look across the blogs of all Scottish Football teams I can’t find any endorsement of our governing body.
Stewart Regan will never be part of the solution so his ‘To Do List’ is a short one:
1. F*** Off mate.
His Employers on the other hand have a bit more to do:
1. Sack Regan Now!
2. Finalise the investigation in to Rangers 2012 UEFA licence
3. Publish the full evidence and findings in a comprehensive report that leaves no doubt as to how the outcome(s) have been reached and are valid.
4. Be the loudest voice that ensures the Offensive Behaviour Bill is repealed.
5. Tell the SPFL that all clubs whose fans are breaking the law are responsible for identifying those offenders in their stadiums.
6. That they must identify and report every offender to the police or the SFA will.
7. Cancel the useless friendlies at the end of the season, if there is no manager then there is no plan except lining someone’s pockets
8. Appoint Alex Ferguson and Peter Houston
9. Tell the SPFL that the colts idea is p**h and they should be more concentrated in preventing 2 clubs hoovering up all young players.
10. Ensure theirs and clubs transparency in all information regarding the administration of the game and the clubs.
11. Investigate child abuse in our game as there have been too many incidents over the years for anyone to be foolish enough to assume this has gone away
12. Review the goals of the SFA and publish them as a standard to be achieved and upheld, to allow the fans to call out any that are not being met.
13. Confirm that Rangers died and a new club was formed 😉
Honestly I could go on and on here but instead I’ll finish on the list of members and description of the aim of the SFA Board as taken from their website
‘The Board
The main Board consists of eight members: the Scottish FA Office Bearers (Alan McRae, President; Stewart Regan, Chief Executive; and Rod Petrie, Vice President), plus Ian Maxwell (SPFL), Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Thomas McKeown (Scottish Amateur FA) and independent non-executive directors, Barrie Jackson and Gary Hughes. Ana Stewart will replace Barrie Jackson in December 2017.  (I believe Ana Stewart is already in post.)
The Board will focus on corporate strategy and top-line decision-making, with the operational Professional Game Board and Non-Professional Game Board representing their respective parts of the game. These boards were created to provide greater focus in the affairs of the Professional and Non-Professional game.’
The bold is obviously my own emphasis as I have seen no evidence of this from the SFA in my lifetime and was worried you the reader might not notice it was there in such a bland statement of function.
It is time to unite as the fans did at the 1909 cup final replay, but we don’t need to resort to violence we can just stop using their preferred bookie; money is all that matters to these people and it’s your money they want.

Forward Together – Anywhere But Hills.

As the winter break comes to a close, the Scottish Cup kicks off in earnest this weekend. The premier cup competition in the country is always highly anticipated. This round in particular provides the romance of the cup when our premier teams face off against the lesser lights. The SFA’s crown jewel is always worth the watching despite the national association’s inability to run our game in a transparent and equitable manner.

Last week I wrote on the shambles that is our national governing body. The SFA (Shambolic Football Association). I think it’s pretty clear where I place a fair portion of the blame for the continued comedy club car crash that is the rangers. I’ve also written on how as supporters we should boycott their games to highlight as much as possible the lack of governance that our most supported (publically funded) sport is suffering from.

The key element for any action by the public against governing authorities, to be successful, is to be united in the goals and the actions required to achieve these.

As part of his Etims diary on Tuesday (16th January) The author (Ralph Malph) opined on the issue of how to make the SFA (Still Failing Administratively) pay attention to the views of the supporters and get their house in order.  He goes on to make a suggestion to hurt the sponsors of this weekend’s Scottish Cup (William Hills Bookmakers). This is potentially a more effective way to achieve this aim, as it:

  1. Doesn’t stop the supporters enjoying their games in person and nor does it curb the enthusiasm that is out there for football in Scotland.
  2. Doesn’t stop the football punter having his wee flutter. Go to another bookies; and unlike here there is no shortage in Scotland.
  3. Doesn’t impact on gate money for teams when we know that our clubs need the revenue. and nor does it curb the enthusiasm that is out there for football in Scotland.
  4. Could result in lost revenue for a major SFA sponsor and prompt some questions.

I would suggest the man that does the books at Hills is able to directly access the appropriate level at Hampden and would be very clear on how their mismanagement of the game is impacting the bottom line.


I have attached the link above ( I think) and would ask the same as Fonzie’s favourite football blogger does. Spread the word as best you can to place your bets at anywhere but Hills this weekend. And you never know we might be heading for ‘yours and my happy days’. (Sorry… I know… gets coat…heads for the door…)

Before I go though.

Enjoy your football this weekend and let’s see if you can give the SFA the push needed to show some humility; by going ‘Forward Together’ to a different bookies.



Happy New Year to anyone reading and up you to all those who aren’t (they’ll never know). 🙂
Now that my family have tired of my inane wittering, exacerbated by too much alcohol, it is time to get back to putting my thoughts out there in my painful prose for your delectation.
It is certainly a good week to get back in to it as there is no shortage of talking points in the football world.
Dundee United’s Championship titles hopes took a swift kick in the no-no box fae the Bairns, on the day of the Epiphany. I think the Arabs suddenly understand that getting humped by the only team that Brechin City think they can catch up to is not going to be making the Buddies nervous. St Mirren’s 6 point gap at the top, albeit they have played one game more, is no doubt more pleasing than the £300K they have bagged for Lewis Morgan.
The league one title battle looks to be going the way of the team from Raith 😉 with Rovers on great form, a point ahead and with two games in hand. Ayr United’s 3 losses in their last four games may be the first nail in their title challenge’s coffin!
Peterhead are fast closing the gap on Montrose as the aim to take their place at the top of the league two table. The Blue Toon’s 6-2 win at the home of the league leading Gable Enders looks to be proving a great foundation to build their challenge from.
Speaking of Blue…
…I just remembered. It seems our favourite basket case of a football club are heading in to the Abyss for their winter break. And I thought they were only going to Florida.
All joking aside the new club is apparently facing an insolvency event less than 6 years after their formation. The coverage is, as always, more incisive if it does not come from the Scottish media lackeys, the blogs are awash with the subject and the growing impression is that this will be only a matter of time.
The people in charge over at Ibrox are almost to a man the same people that were in place when the previous football cub went under. That to me is deceitful, shameful and none of my business.

I don’t support either of the two Ibrox clubs. So why should I care, right?
But football governance in Scotland is every fan’s business and the SFA are just not fit for purpose. This is purely down to how the game is run.

What is it exactly the SFA do?

And why are they so crap at it?

But ultimately we need to know who is responsible for making sure our game is run for the benefit of the fans.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?  Who guards the guards?

We should all be asking those questions and the leaders should be the fans of Rangers!
They should be the loudest voices as this is now the second time that the club they support has been run by a pack of asset stripping cash hoarding wolves. How does a club that can generate about £15 -20 million in season ticket revenue end up careering in to the fans worst nightmares when there is supposed to be a governing body ensuring that the clubs are run properly and transparently.
This is not a Celtic thing.
It is not a conspiracy against Rangers.

It is a crime of governance perpetrated by the same people, and we are letting them!

So a new song for all Scottish football fans:
ES EF AY OUT! ES EF AY OUT! ES EF AY OUT! – See I told you I was the Karaoke King.
Not the most imaginative, this is true, but if you don’t want to sing the song at least stop going to games and lining the blazer’s pockets. We can’t go on accepting this.

Rangers may be the team hanging off a cliff by their fingernails, and I don’t really care what happens to them but I cannot fathom why we continue to let the game be run by the SFA. It’s a joke organisation and has been since as long as I can remember. It may not be illegal what they do in Mount Florida but it is a crime!
‘STRIP THE TITLES’ from the office bearers at Hampden.
It might not save the multi monikered team from Govan but it might give the rest of our clubs and the next Ibrox team a chance.


Fever Pitch

By Hugobaws 10/01/2018

Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby’s bestselling book follows his life growing up watching Arsenal through the highs and lows of a number of league campaigns. It’s a good football fans read, charting the emotion and at times obsession with loyalty to a team, even when that is irrational in the face of evidence that something is not right, on or off the pitch. Social Media has now reached fever pitch when it comes to the potential Administration of The Rangers*, and there’s overwhelming evidence that things mostly off the pitch are out of control.

Since the events of 2012, the Club/Company/Ethereal Entity has lurched from one crisis to another. In 2012 it was the Murray ego, in 2018 it is the Lying King. Dave King has finally tied himself up in a financial knot and looks like he will pull down the whole RIFC/TRFC edifice with him. The Auditors believe Dave King (NOAL) is good for the substantial shortfall in the Accounts, that is required to continue trading. He’s told a Judge he’s skint, but has an imminent Takeover Panel judgement to navigate. King looks likely to cost his co-investors millions of pounds, not to mention face painters and assorted ordinary small businesses, but professional reputations look like they are about to be trashed. The Auditors who signed off the Published Accounts and believed King may now be regretting their involvement.

In 2012 David Murray crashed the bus in spectacular fashion, folding Rangers (IL)* and MIM and leaving a trail of debt with the Bank not that far short of £1bn. The current predicament does not include HMRC unpaid bills, but a severe lack of cash and living hand to mouth at the mercy of a convicted criminal Chairman, was always unlikely to end well. With only Directors as major creditors this time, and soft loans dried up, the Club/Company looks likely to succumb to the same cash flow problems that affect hundreds of businesses each year.

But don’t worry, the guys in charge have experience of this type of thing. The cast of leading characters is the same; Alastair Johnston, Paul Murray, Andrew Dickson, and of course Dave King. They are all trained Accountants (maybe Dave lied about his qualifications) so what could possibly go wrong? The Auditors are Accountants, right? The plot has been re-written, but we may be heading towards a familiar ending; hundreds of Creditors stiffed, debts dumped and inaction by the Scottish Football Authorities. Players will lose their jobs and a period of austerity will signal the end to Tournament s in Florida and 5* Hotels.

Aye right.

Despite the financial turmoil, players are still linked to the Govan Club daily by a giddy MSM. In the big transfer news of the week, Carlos Pena transferred the contents of his nose to a pair of TRFC shorts on camera, as a fond farewell after going on loan to Pedro’s new Club in Mexico. The marquee signing looked exactly like that, a marquee, and The Rangers* still have to pick up the thick end of £14k wages while he chases some caravans in Mexico. Dave’s much heralded £10m transfer spending to Bankroll the mad Portuguese has been transferred to the published Accounts; £7m showing as owed in staged player transfer fees, Pedro’s legacy for a squad now being dismantled.

Austerity was also slow to kick in back in 2011/2012, in the run up to Administration of the original Rangers (IL)*. Despite Euro exits (Malmo and Maribor) and the loss of valuable European money to keep the lights on, Rangers still found time to sign new players. Mervan Celik arrived on a 3-year deal weeks before Armageddon, only for his Contract ripped up weeks later (post admin), amid claims that the £250k transfer fee hadn’t been paid. Surely austerity would kick in once they had formally entered the Administration process? Nope. Rangers Manager Ally McCoist was authorised by Duff and Phelps to sign Daniel Cousin to replace top scorer Nikica Jelavic.

“Daniel Cousin is shell-shocked at the moment, like the rest of us,” said McCoist. At this moment in time he is in the squad and still has an opportunity of getting the signing through. I’m still very hopeful we can get through the bits of red tape”.

The ‘bits of red tape’ McCoist referred to where actual rules that applied to Clubs in financial distress. The fact that the Administrators, whose job was to cut costs and get a favourable deal for Creditors thought it prudent to spend money on new players tells you everything you need to know about the mindset over at Govan.

So, six years on, a Club run by Finance Professionals is making the same mistakes as before; spending more than they are earning, buying players on tick and failing to pay its non-football bills. But surely the SFA will intervene? It is much more likely that the SFA will do exactly that, sweet FA, but secret meetings at Hotel Du Vin and a Four Way Agreement look likely. The spineless MSM will spin a positive picture to keep the fleeced fans on board but there will be a deduction of 15 points. Maybe Andrew Dickson, now on the SFA Congress, will use his influence at the Governing body to pass off any insolvency event as ‘imperfectly registered’ and the points deduction will not be enforced.

If Administration does not happen this week then it will only be delayed until the 21st January, when the Court Order by Lord Bannantyne on the TOP Case will come into force, and possibly see King in contempt of Court. Anyone in any doubt about how this may play out should read David Low’s excellent blog on the SFM https://www.sfm.scot/the-elephant-in-the-room/ .

“It should be appreciated that there are members of the RIFC that are members of regulated financial professions who would be further prejudiced through association with a cold-shouldered non-resident King”.

” If King does the right thing by resigning from the board, it is still important to appreciate that the ‘4 Bear’ Concert Party as determined by The Panel will continue to exist irrespective of how Kings deals with the instruction to make an offer for the shares. This is the elephant in the room that remains.”

“The Concert Party via their shares and loans will retain the same level of control they currently have, and therefore remain compelled to abide by The Panel’s rules.”

David is referring of course to the influence King has over Club 1872 and Barry Scott the new Director from Hong Kong. No matter which way he or the MSM spin this, Administration would appear the only way out, either to get rid of King, sidestep the TOP ruling somehow or to dump some debt and try and start again. As we saw in 2012, these things are never straightforward, even with a puppet MSM and a useless SFA.

What a shucking fambles.

A Pantomime is Not Just For Xmas

By Hugobaws 29/12/2017

The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd, yes, it’s Panto time again.

This Year’s Special Panto is an adaptation of the long running, ‘Sevco and the Holy Grail’, now nearing its 6th year, and playing to packed Courts across the land.


Front of the Panto Horse 1; Paul Murray

Front of the Panto Horse 2; Alastair Johnston

Horse’s Rear 1; Stewart Regan

Horse’s Rear 2; Neil Doncaster

The Black Knight; Dave King

Sir Arthur; Lord Bannantyne


Sir Arthur; “The Trusts have been willing to provide money for the purchase of Rangers shares when the respondent wished them to do so. Now, suddenly, when the respondent does not wish to comply with the terms of Rule 9 the Trusts no longer are willing to provide any money. “

With that swing of his judicial sword he cuts off the Black Knight’s right arm.

Sir Arthur; “Given the circumstances put forward by the respondent in support of his supposed impecuniosity they are of no significance. His impecuniosity is entirely self-generated.”

Sir Arthur slices off his other arm.

Sir Arthur; “It is not for the respondent to argue at what price an offer should be made. Nor within that framework is it for the respondent to argue that if the offer is made at the price of 20p no shareholder will take it up”.

Sir Arthur slices off the Black Knight’s right leg.

Black Knight; “You pansy, don’t you know I kept this up for 10 years in South Africa, and kept my legs”.

“You’re a Loony” says Sir Arthur as he slices off the other leg.

“It’s only a flesh wound” responds the torso.

Despite claims to the contrary by the MSM Lord B left no room for an appeal, but Glib likes nothing more than kicking the judicial can down the road. In any other Football jurisdiction in the world would a Governing body accept the carnage caused firstly by David Murray and now by Dave King. We’re now about to enter our 6th year of Court Cases and Appeals, with no end in sight and the two Panto Horses Arses are still bumbling on, heads up certain people’s bums.

So, the next few weeks promise to be busy in Panto land;

The Rangers* now have passed their AGM motions and intend to issue shares up to a nominal value of £1.086m, so 108m new (1p) shares to add to the 81m in circulation, around March.

What price?

Will it be the 20p, the fabled Ashley 27.5p sweetener, or somewhere in between (more than doubling the shares in circulation should result in a massive dilution, so 10p -15p?).

Since Glib de-listed the stock, many of the traditional business fundamentals that would be used to value a stock – turnover/profit/financial projections/asset value – have been difficult to comprehend or just completely fudged.

Sadly, Dave has created a number of self-inflicted obstacles, to the Torso’s Grand Plan.

To get that far he must be given leave to Appeal the Court of Session judgement (unlikely).

He must hope that the Takeover Panel does not ‘cold shoulder’ him in the meantime (likely).

If he loses he will have to prove he has the £11m (plus costs) that would secure the shares he doesn’t control.

If he does this, and has gone on record as saying he is penniless, does that constitute ‘Contempt of Court’?

If he gets as far as making an offer, and given the perilous state of the Club finances, it’s likely people will accept (rip his arm off).

What looks increasingly possible, is that as The Company/Club/Ethereal Entity are trading whilst insolvent, the Creditors (Directors) may call an Administration event to protect (some of) their investment? If they go down the tubes, Creditors will get sorted first and Shareholders may get nothing.

It’s all on a tightrope, but don’t worry, Jabba Traynor will save them.

Josh Windass, the Accrington Stanley ‘ace’ gets sold for £5m to the Premiership.

Someone in England wants a right back (Tav) who cannot defend, £20-£30m.

They cash in on Pena’s stunning form, and Arsenal come calling.

Yup, there’s never a dull moment in Panto land.


Joseph Heller and the Ibrox Paradox

By Hugobaws 21/12/2017

Joseph Heller introduced the term Catch 22 into the English language; contradictory rules that exert control over people through confusion without openly forcing people one way or another. Psychologists call it a ‘double bind’.

This week’s publication of the final answers from The Rangers* AGM proved (if proof be needed) that Heller’s crazy airmen are in charge over at Ibrox.

Club 1872: “The most recent financial results are encouraging but highlight the staggering gulf between us and our nearest competition. Can this board please outline how they plan to deal with this substantial deficit going forward?” 

RIFC: “The majority of the deficit is accounted for through qualification for the Champions’ League group stages.

Other income streams such as retail revenue and commercial income are increasing however there needs to be a recognition of just how valuable qualification for the group stages of the Champions League has now become.

“It is worth in the region of 30m Euros plus associated gate monies.”


There it is right there for the hard of thinking.

  • All we need to do to survive is to qualify for the Champion’s League (Group Stages no less).
  • To qualify for the Champion’s League, we need to overtake our “nearest competition” (Timmy).
  • We can only overtake Timmy with the Champion’s League money.

Club 1872 asked the questions, and happily accepted the answers without a whimper. They brought up the published Accounts and the need for £7.2m injection just to get to the end of the season. They mentioned the managerial vacancy and the need for money to get a replacement in.

But the puppet ‘fans group’; run by a Director from the same Board being questioned was always unlikely to ask the questions that might help solve the paradox for the ordinary fan, or outside observer.

But Rangers (IL) and The Rangers* since 2012 have always been full of contradictions. Dave King campaigned on transparency and accountability only to de-list the Club from the stock exchange to hide behind a veil of secrecy.

David Murray was lauded by Alastair Johnston back in 2009, as,” one of the club’s greatest chairmen”, who “invested heavily in the club and  “demonstrated enormous personal commitment at all times”

Of course, history suggests David Murray did the opposite, taking money out of the Govan Club over a sustained period until the train hit the buffers in 2012. His personal commitment was stroking his huge ego.


The re-emergence of Alastair Johnston both as a Director and now as a “person with significant control” largely escaped the Scottish Football press but then so does anything significant over at Ibrox. He and new Director Barry Scott (yes, the Cillit Bang guy) have “significant control”, and Alastair may have injected some of his personal fortune to keep the lights on for another month. What is it with successful businessmen and throwing money down a black hole?

The loss of John Gilligan from the Board will be a blow to the terraces. He was interviewed on The Rangers* TV recently and finished his stint by telling the camera “We are the People”. This is the equivalent of Peter Lawwell or Ian Bankier smiling into the camera at Celtic TV and finishing with “Up the Rebs”, or bursting into a verse from “The Boys of the Old Brigade”. But John Gilligan clearly is a cretin.

It is of course Panto Season. Anyone with an interest in the unfolding story over in Govan will know that there have been multiple Chairman, CEO’s and Directors since liquidation in 2012, so Companies House announcements are not unusual.

What is unusual is that we now have three of the original (pre-liquidation) Directors of Rangers (IL)* re-united (four if you count Andrew Dickson) in full glare of the game’s administrators. Like killers returning to the scene of the crime, but with the police acknowledging them and hoping they are not about to do the same again.


The People’s Front of Judea

By Hugobaws 13/12/2017

Chris Sutton struck a raw nerve as well as a few funny bones last week on BT Sport, when he slaughtered the Ibrox Board in the wake of the Derek McInnes debacle. “They are like the People’s Front of Judea” jibed Sutton, in reference to the chaotic liberation movement from Monty Python’s hilarious ‘Life of Brian’. Neil Lennon buckled under the strain of the image, and all but lost it on camera.

After a 6-week media fuelled tapping up campaign, The Rangers* ran out of road and were forced to put up or shut up. When they made their move, the egg duly landed Dave King’s face. Stewart Milne and his Manager held their ground under the media onslaught, awaited the official approach and said no, but with dignity. The Rangers* responded with all the class of a Chris Graham cartoon; a Club statement that oozed arrogance and spite, ‘endorsing’ McInnes decision to stay at Aberdeen as the Govan job was too big for him.

Credibility is quickly giving way to disbelief over at Ibrox, and even die hard TRFC fans would have been embarrassed at the new depths being plumbed by King. Questions have been asked about the financial position at the Club for some time now, but fans believed that £1m would not be a stumbling block for Dave and his offshore fund of cash NOAL to get their number one target.

Behind the spin and deflection lies the truth. Football is a seasonal business, and cashflow is key to the survival of all but the biggest and richest clubs. It is a matter of public record that TRFC are losing money at a rate that is unsustainable, and Directors ‘soft’ loans have been used to pay bills/salaries as they fall due.

Confronted by such cash flow challenges many businesses turn to specialist finance houses that will pay money up front in turn for a slice of some future revenue stream. Invoice Financing/Factoring style finance arrangements are nothing new, but if reports are true that RIFC/TRFC are going down that path it can only spell trouble.

The Donegal based blogger with impeccable sources has suggested that RIFC/TRFC are borrowing against future payments due for sold players. The complication is that the payments are tied to number of appearances by the players, which pushed such an arrangement beyond recognised practice and dramatically alters the risk profile of the deals in favour of the finance lender. As the risk increase, the lenders slice of the projected final invoice increases and RIFC get a reduced percentage.

The RIFC would of course have called a Board meeting to discuss options before considering this type of high risk borrowing. My sources tell me that they approached the SFA for financial help only to be rebuffed, and these are the leaked minutes of the meeting.

Attendees; Dave King, Paul Murray, Biggus Dickus, Stewart Robertson, Donald Park.

DK; SFA b*stards, they’ve taken everything we had and bled us dry.

PM; Taken everything from our fathers and our father’s fathers.

PM; And our father’s father’s fathers.

DK; And what have the SFA ever given us in return?

BD; The 5 Way Agreement

DK; Ok apart from the 5 Way Agreement

DP; A Euro License that belonged to someone else.

DK; Ok apart from……

PM; The Referees

DK; Ok apart from……..

SR; A free reign to break FFP rules

DK; oh f*ck off

The Board Meeting ended with AOB, reminding people that The People’s Front of Judea should not be confused with Sevco.

TW3 –Jekyll and Hyde, Star Wars: At Last Bed Eye(s)


The Celtic fans are so lacking in any concern with the domestic scene and their teams surgical dismantling of the opposition that they have taken to disagreeing over their capability on the European stage.

For me it’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Qualifying for Champions League was excellent
  2. Progressing to the Europa League is fantastic
  3. Getting yer arse handed tae ye in at least half of your group games, is neither excellent nor fantastic.
  4. Conceding 20 goals over 6 games is terrible
  5. Saying its reality is just as bad; who accepts that level is their reality!

Most fans agree on this (sort of) but it’s the reaction to criticism of the manager of the team that inspires the title above. I don’t think there is any Celtic (or football) fan out there that would criticise the team or the manager for the outstanding domestic achievements and champions league qualifications. Let’s not pretend here though, big chunks of the European adventures have been awful.

The fundamental disagreement seems to be between those who criticise Brendan and those who don’t. Some of those who don’t, seem to think that criticism of Brendan is illegal instead of a healthy way to acknowledge that he can do better.

Some of the vitriol I’ve read between fans this week is worrying. Everyone can handle a bit of stick but smashing your keyboard as if you wish you were throwing right and left hooks isn’t the way. If you wouldn’t say it to a stranger in the street then don’t type it to them on t’internet.

And yes Brendan makes mistakes, he also talks some pish btw, so do I, but I’m happy he is my team’s manager just the same.

I’ll be even happier if he can find a way to make us more reliable in Europe especially against the other also-rans like Anderlecht.


In a galaxy far far removed from reality,

The Burst Order has returned from a successful sortie to the sheep world of Don, home to the fair maiden; Princess Deia.

Troubled by the inability of her forces to repel the advances of the Burst Order, in two recent battles, the Princess has gone into hiding.

There is a suspicion that her MURTification may have fatally damaged her.

The Grand Asset Stripper Loyal (GASL) Darth Squinteye, head of the Burst Order, has sent forth his emissaries from his home planet of Alsoran.

Their mission is to flush out the Princess, with stories of how powerful and wealthy he is, in order for Darth Squinteye to at last woo her with his come to bed eyes / eye; depending where she may be standing when he looks in her direction.

So far the GASL has been thwarted by the machinations of the sheep Lord, Milne the Meek, and his use of the powerful contract clause known only as ‘cash before sash’

Meanwhile, the forces of the greenians continue to rout all before them as they clinched the mystical 67 in this the 50th year of 67; rendering the Alsorans and Dons feud irrelevant.

There are other battles in this galaxy but the Supreme Promoter (of) Feuds & Lunacy (SPFL) isn’t really interested in these as they wait to see if Princess Deia will arrive for her next scheduled feud on the planet of Dentooine…

Things that didn’t happen this week

Derek McInnes didn’t leave Aberdeen to join Rangers (the new one) although he was instrumental in getting them their best result of the season so far.

The SFA Compliance officer never ruled on 2011 / 12 UEFA licence for Rangers (the deid club)

SFA didn’t review their procedures and announce any rules in order to pretend they had made the correct decision all along.

Neither the SFA nor the SPFL announced how they will safeguard our game and create a culture of responsible sustainable ownership and transparent governance.

The last one is the only one that shocked me, I was sure there was going to be a big corporate governance announcement before I wrote this up.

Except for taking references to Motherwell out of the above there are no changes, a bit like my weekly to do list at work.

I know it’s not out until next weekend but I can confirm that I am really looking forward to Star Wars. Unfortunately I’ll be ‘off the radar’ next week, maybe longer. Family time coming up in the ‘Dear Green Place.’

TinTinQuinntheKaraokeKing (TTQtKK)