New Website Under Construction

New Website Under Construction

A big thanks you to our 14 backers. Emails to follow.

**All supporting invoices etc can be found here.

Our web developer has begun building our new website and she’s confident that we can open next Monday.

We originally set out to raise £100. We actually raised £212.00 before deductions from Crowdfunder and Stripe. Yesterday Stripe deposited  £193.51 in our account.

Due to a discount negotiated by our developer original costs came in under budget at £55.97. As we raised more than we asked for our developer suggested that we should buy a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for the site. This cost £49.99. This brings the site up to  the latest security standards and also gives us insurance cover. Your data will be safe on the site.

The current bank balance is £87.55. Our web developer is currently looking to see if we should invest more in the site. If no more money is required we will ask our 12 backers for their suggestions for what we should do with the remainder of the funds.

We would like to thank our web developer for donating her time and expertise to building the new site. She has asked that her identity remains private.

Our new website is being built at

Than you.

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