Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

Today’s plate of fudge offered up by the SPFL will come no surprise. Their fudge is stale and like themselves, well past sell by date.

Our advice to all members of our ‘pressure group’ is to keep it real. This is not a time for lashing out in all directions. This is a time to keep the head, think clearly and decide our next step on what we always knew was a long road.

We are not a ‘mob’ or ‘on-line fundamentalists’ therefore unlike some we should not act or respond in a Pavlovian manner.

We fans also have lawyers and eminent QC’s at our disposal, so lets chill out and await their views.

Today the authorities/clubs fired the starting gun which signalled the beginning of the end for the self interested.


Nb. We will release a statement shortly after we talk with other fan groups.

3 thoughts on “Keeping It Real

  1. I agree that we should have a measured response. However I think the time has come to email all sponsors and let them know exactly how we feel and I think we should be advocating boycotts against their services. Once this gets into their boardrooms I think we can see more effectiveness if we can make the argument that they are also colluding and endorsing criminal and cheating behaviour. I feel if enough of us email these companies they could become useful allies. SO LETS GET WRITING

  2. I think if fans of all clubs are rightly outraged then a possible 1 week boycott should be looked at . It would hit the headlines all over Europe and if other clubs think that if the fans look at a possible 2nd boycott and so on they may lose out financially and act against the SFA and demands change.

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