Good Governance Is The Main Goal

Good Governance Is The Main Goal

“Strip the titles” is this sites’ rallying cry and we intend to pursue that goal. We can not ‘move on’ or ‘heal the wounds’ without justice being seen to be done.

The main reason that this site exists at all is because the governance of our game has been driven into a state of crisis by those charged to administer the game. This is the main issue we have to tackle.

Firstly there can be no stripping of any titles without going through the due process of an open and independent inquiry into who knew what and also just exactly what happened during the Dos/EBT years.

The LNS inquiry can no longer stand as we know that the parameters of investigation and ‘facts’ at the time limited the scope of what he could ultimately make a sound judgement on. This is why fans have to tell their clubs that we demand a new inquiry.

The truth is that at this moment in time a major question has not been answered. ‘Could something like Dos/EBT scam happen again?’

Both the SFA and SPFL should be there to protect clubs, fans and the integrity of our game. These bodies especially the SFA should be there to scrutinise major share holders and club owners to insure that they are indeed ‘fit and proper’ in order to protect the before mentioned stakeholders.

It is clear if we look at The Rangers board that there are people on the board of the PLC that are far from ‘fit and proper’. Lets not beat about the bush. A convicted criminal should be nowhere near any Scottish football club. Why was this allowed to happen ? Could it happen again ?

There are so many questions and not nearly enough answers. This is why we should demand that the overall governance of our game is studied and fully overhauled to make sure that those trusted to administer the game are fit, proper and as far as possible neutral.

Most importantly the fans must be fully involved.

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5 thoughts on “Good Governance Is The Main Goal

  1. Yes…..a full enquiry is needed to unearth all the lies and corruption at Hampden.
    Heads must roll Regan to start and on and on.

  2. Our football will not be the same while these 2 corrupt men run our game they should resign now because the Scottish fans cant trust them and never will trust the corrupt scum.They are only interested in sevco ranjurs now theirs 42 clubs in the sfa (i think)and its always about they cheats from liebrox so hopefully fans power will get out our the boycotting cup games and hampden start untill they clowns are removed.WE WANT THEM OUT OF OUR GAME BEFORE IT CAN MOVE ON THESE 2 MEN CANT BE TRUSTED AND NEVER WILL GET (REGAN)(DONCASTER) OUT NOW DIRTY CORRUPT SCUM.

  3. The Glib one is a director of R.I.F.C. not a director of the Club thats why the S.F.A. dont have a say in the matter !

  4. In the true words of fairness & honesty strip the titles from cheating club(s) or take away fairness & honesty!

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