Forward Together – Anywhere But Hills.

As the winter break comes to a close, the Scottish Cup kicks off in earnest this weekend. The premier cup competition in the country is always highly anticipated. This round in particular provides the romance of the cup when our premier teams face off against the lesser lights. The SFA’s crown jewel is always worth the watching despite the national association’s inability to run our game in a transparent and equitable manner.

Last week I wrote on the shambles that is our national governing body. The SFA (Shambolic Football Association). I think it’s pretty clear where I place a fair portion of the blame for the continued comedy club car crash that is the rangers. I’ve also written on how as supporters we should boycott their games to highlight as much as possible the lack of governance that our most supported (publically funded) sport is suffering from.

The key element for any action by the public against governing authorities, to be successful, is to be united in the goals and the actions required to achieve these.

As part of his Etims diary on Tuesday (16th January) The author (Ralph Malph) opined on the issue of how to make the SFA (Still Failing Administratively) pay attention to the views of the supporters and get their house in order.  He goes on to make a suggestion to hurt the sponsors of this weekend’s Scottish Cup (William Hills Bookmakers). This is potentially a more effective way to achieve this aim, as it:

  1. Doesn’t stop the supporters enjoying their games in person and nor does it curb the enthusiasm that is out there for football in Scotland.
  2. Doesn’t stop the football punter having his wee flutter. Go to another bookies; and unlike here there is no shortage in Scotland.
  3. Doesn’t impact on gate money for teams when we know that our clubs need the revenue. and nor does it curb the enthusiasm that is out there for football in Scotland.
  4. Could result in lost revenue for a major SFA sponsor and prompt some questions.

I would suggest the man that does the books at Hills is able to directly access the appropriate level at Hampden and would be very clear on how their mismanagement of the game is impacting the bottom line.

I have attached the link above ( I think) and would ask the same as Fonzie’s favourite football blogger does. Spread the word as best you can to place your bets at anywhere but Hills this weekend. And you never know we might be heading for ‘yours and my happy days’. (Sorry… I know… gets coat…heads for the door…)

Before I go though.

Enjoy your football this weekend and let’s see if you can give the SFA the push needed to show some humility; by going ‘Forward Together’ to a different bookies.


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