Dear McDonald’s. We’re not loving it.

Dear McDonald’s. We’re not loving it.

McDonald’s are one of the SFA’s corporate sponsors. As you can see below there seems to be an ethos gap between McDonalds and the Scottish Football Association.

We sent this to McDonald’s Corporate early today. There is not an e-mail address for their marketing dept so we sent it to their media people. Please join us. Just copy and paste the content of this email to the address below. Please encourage more fans to send their own messages drawing attention to the ethos gap. If you would like to construct your own email feel free.


Subject: Sponsorship of The Scottish Football Association (Scotland)

You should be aware that The Scottish Football Association (Scotland) whom McDonald’s sponsor, are as diametrically opposed to McDonald’s good governance policy as can be. 

“The basis for our entire business is that we are ethical, truthful and dependable. It takes time to build a reputation. We are not promoters. We are business people with a solid, permanent, constructive ethical program that will be in style years from now even more than it is today.”– Ray Kroc, 1958

The SFA are none of the above as any cursory check of social media will tell you. The Scottish media are less reliable as a source, most having ignored the corruption in the last five years and only Channel 4 News has put any focus on the problem. See 

It would be worth while contacting Alex Thomson who knows quite  a bit about the issues. The SFA, in spite of having one of the UK’s biggest sporting scandals happening on its watch have issued a statement saying the matter is closed, which is an abandonment of ethics.

The SFA are an organisation McDonald’s would do well to review its relationship with or if possible (to a round of supporter applause) attempt to instil some of Ray Krogh’s/McDonald’s corporate values.

Perhaps it’s not a news item, but it could become one as the SFA continue to treat their customers like fools. You might wish to refer to your marketing department to consider.

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  1. A great start weldone👏 its obvious governing bodies are covering something a full inquiry with all info on the table is a must or the game is rigged from now on

  2. We can’t let this carry on any more, if it means banning my kids from McDonald’s then so be it.

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