Calling Scottish Supporters Groups

Calling Scottish Supporters Groups

After the amazing start to our campaign to clean up our game, we have now been joined by over 6,200 fellow fans on Twitter. Thank you all.

Today we are asking Scottish supporters groups to get in touch with us via our contact form.

If this campaign is to be successful and taken seriously we need to work together with as many supporters groups, trusts and web communities as possible.

So far we have reached out to the Scottish Football monitor and had a positive reply. We have also made an approach to The Scottish Football Supporters Association and intend to speak to Paul Goodwin shortly.

We ask all Scottish supporters clubs associations to put behind any animosity that they may have had in the past and contact us so that we can work together.

It is important that we have a discussion on the best way forward for OUR game.

So we are here waiting and ready to move forward. All you have to do is contact us.

Thank you

#StandTogether #stripTheTitles


20 thoughts on “Calling Scottish Supporters Groups

  1. If sevco don’t get punished on this, we all as well cheat. It would be a clear message from SFA & spfl there will be nothing done to anyone HH

  2. Does the Scottish Government have a view on this as this is fundamentally tarnishing Scotland’s reputation ?

  3. Whoever controls the media controls the narrative they used to say, but social media is proving to be a strong counter to the obviously RFC-biased reporting in the Scottish MSM. I’ve signed your petition, but have also contacted my MP and MSP by e-mail to ask them to speak out against the fact that one club created an unfair sporting advantage through financial doping and cast sporting integrity aside. Obviously contact the club you support also and let them know the strength of your feeling, and alert anyone interested to what actually happened, because if they form opinions based on what the MSM tell them they’ll conclude that everything was above board and it’s time to move on, so they need to be disabused of these notions. Without sporting integrity there is no sport. Good luck with your campaign, if you wanted to contact me via a personal e-mail I’d be happy to share the letter I sent to my MP and MSP if it would be of interest. ATB!

  4. We all have to stand together against the clear corruption in Scottish football.
    Cheats cannot be allowed to keep ill gotten gains.
    In any case what has this to do with the five year old new Ibrox club?

  5. This cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet. It was cheating on a massive scale and striping the titles has to happen.

  6. all fans must get together on this,so we can clean the game up & stop the cheating & corruption that’s still going on !

  7. Strip the titles if there’s healing to be done get rid of the poison first and be prepared for the threats

  8. Strip the titles if there’s healing to be done get rid of the poison first and be prepared for the threats

  9. Regan & co must be removed first to allow the cleansing to begin in an open and transparent way.

  10. Take the I’ll gotten trophies from “Rangers” and strike them from the records with an asterisk next to the seasons.Nobody wants there tainted trophies but they certainly don’t belong to the liquidated club from Ibrox.

  11. For me the titles must be stripped and just as importantly if not more importantly a total clear out of the lying crooked conflicted SFA and that clown Doncaster at the SPFL has to go as well. Only then can we move on. I would like to see the SFAs headquarters moved out of Glasgow altogether, Aberdeen maybe away from the bowling club bigoted mentality that sadly prevails in Glasgow

  12. I’ve been a season ticket holder over 20 years now and if there’s no action taken over this blatant and proven Buster Keaton this’ll be my last ’cause we’d all be as well just chucking it. Even the press and media try to portray this as an argument about ifs and buts of whether the EBTs and tax evasion gave them any sporting advantage (incidentally, if you couldn’t cheat to the tune of 50 million without gaining an advantage I wouldn’t send you to the shop for a loaf). This is a red herring. There’s no hypothesis about whether they were playing by the same set of rules – the football association rules! – that everybody else was adhering to because they fielded improperly registered (em; that means unregistered; just like you can’t be a wee bit pregnant or a wee bit dead) teams on an industrial scale year upon year. This isnt hard to work out. All they need to is apply their own rules properly. But then it would all come out about who at the SFA knew what and who were up to their oxters in the skullduggery.

  13. Ive been a Season ticket holder for years on-and-off and right through the EBT years. I know how it felt at the time and I know now how to feels to subsequently find out my club and others were cheated, fans were cheated. i even held a season ticket while living ‘abroad’ and spent hard earned time and money travelling to support my team. Cheated even more!

    I’m too far away now to hold a Season Ticket but will always support the club and if I’m home and a game is on.. I’m there!

    However… If this issue is NOT dealt with in the appropriate way and with the full force of the footballing authorities in Scotland or elsewhere then the game is a bust! All integrity (if there was any left) gone.

    I can see myself never bothering to go to a match again, or even take note of Scottish football.
    Why bother if the rules are different for one club and the very authorities there to protect ALL clubs are operating with a favourable agenda towards one club.

  14. There is, without doubt, a conspiracy of silence being played out by the clubs. The clubs were cheated and have not complained about it. Nobody upset, pretend it never happened. Never heard the likes…

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