In 2012 No To Newco with help from some inside football prevented Sevco Scotland from being parachuted into the SPL and the SFL division 1. It was fan power that drove the authorities to have the newco start in division 3. We need that fan power again.

Sadly Scottish football can not ‘move on’ and this is purely down to the maladministration of our game  both before and after the summer of 2012.

Originally we had a basic aim which was to strip 14 titles and cups won by RFC (IL) while they were running a tax evasion scam. Now our aim is to press (with others) for a full inquiry into how the football authorities handled the original LNS inquiry and other matters including why RFC(IL) were granted a European licence by the SFA for season 2011-12.

We would also like to see a copy of the 2012 “five way agreement” and ascertain if all parties fulfilled their obligations under that agreement. (Our request list may get longer).

The main aim of this site is to provide all supporters of Scottish football a place where they can access the latest developments in the battle for OUR game. No spin/no lies.

We are open to all supporters. Who ever you support. If you would like to write an article for the site please use our contact page. It is important that we hear from supporters regardless of who they support.