A Lack of Leadership and Governance

By Hugobaws 7/12/2017

According to Time Magazine, Donald Trump moved quickly on election to have eight of his companies campaign to develop luxury real estate projects in Saudi Arabia, one of his favourite rogue states. Trump of course is a buffoon of the highest order and we expect him to use high office to further his own business interests now he is the POTUS.

A conflict of interests is not illegal but it sure as hell is unethical.

The simmering Derek ‘Will he/won’t he’ McInnes saga looked like boring us all to tears until he appeared to throw two matches against his prospective new employer. Aberdeen’s form has dipped since Pedro Caixhina was resigned in October and the chance to open up a 12-point gap on their nearest rival was blown as Level 5’s Red Top Squirrel Squadron disrupted Aberdeen’s season.

The wholly unethical tapping up campaign came to a head last week when Level 5, in the guise of Jim (Jabba) Traynor stuck his middle finger up at the SPFL’s Neil Doncaster by using his other client (the League sponsors) Ladbrokes to tweet a picture of Derek celebrating The Rangers* first goal against his own club last week with a ‘well done’ Derek message.

Of course, Dave King needs a RRM to help ease the unrest over the last two botched managerial appointments, and smooth the path for the latest fleecing of his customers through the proposed share issue yearly next year. But RRM are short in supply these days, and Bomber Brown is busy, having been headhunted after a Global search for coaches by TRFC’s new Director of Football, whatshisname.

The saga rolls on and the media sock puppets are now screaming for McInnes to rip up his own contract to deny Aberdeen £1m compensation, so he can join his boyhood heroes. A complete lack of integrity seems to be part of the DNA of the majority of our MSM, all appear to be TRFC cheerleaders. They are using their professional lives to drive the agenda of their favourite team, no impartiality, a complete conflict of interests. Sadly, the SFA and SPFL chiefs bury their heads in the sand and ignore clear breaches of rules and ethics.

An SPFL spokesperson Mr Dung Neilcaster was questioned last week about the Ladbrokes tweet. When asked he said, “We get lots of money from our sponsors so Jim Traynor can do what the hell he likes to disrupt member clubs”…..and ran off down the corridor.

A Handy (but not complete) List of Conflicts of Interest in Scottish Football

  1. SFA employ referees and let them officiate competitive games involving the klub they support.
  2. BBC (impartial/taxpayer funded) fondness for ex-Rangers (IL)* EBT recipients who have a vested interest in favouring one club.
  3. SFA’s botched attempts at engaging with fans; Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) are funded by SFA.
  4. Club 1872 (TRFC’s impartial fans voice) is funded by fans subscriptions, but is run by a RIFC Board member who reports to the lying King.
  5. Stewart Milne allowing Derek McInnes to remain in the dugout and prepare his team for matches against his prospective new employer.
  6. Level 5 are a PR company with two clients, TRFC and Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes hand SPFL sponsorship cash and everyone turns a blind eye to Traynor’s manipulation of the media narrative, bending of rules.

You get the picture.

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