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Welcome to the “Strip The Titles” website. We will endeavour to keep fans up to date in the fight for a clean and transparent game. If you have any suggestions for site improvements please Contact Us. 

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Urban Redevelopment

Congratulations to residents of the Ibrox area. Now that rangers have secured their finance arrangements with Close Brothers on the Edmiston House and the Albion car park I'm sure we…read more →

The Man in the Mirror

When I was a kid I was partial to the odd sweetie, certainly more sweeties than my parents deemed acceptable or could afford, and to feed my habit it wasn’t…read more →

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@tedermeatballs Can they also investigate the irregular financial payments that whent on to give the then rangers f.c a sporting advantage

When starting the RTC blog in 2011 I thought that simply getting the facts out there would bring about a cleansing.

Instead football administrators and hacks closed ranks to ensure that corruption and incompetence remain the hallmarks of Scottish football.

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